Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Oh, hey! CNA!

Another 15 minutes of Catholic fame I didn't know I had: here. The photo was taken by the Crescat. The microphone didn't really pick up anybody's voice from that distance, so that must have looked a bit dorkish.

On the left is Gregory Di Pippo of the New Liturgical Movement. He has an encyclopedic memory for liturgy and vestments. He says things like, "Yeah, but on April 15, 1648 they reversed the orientation of the Benzino ritual to the Calabrizzi altar" and "Not a single member of the College of Cardinals had his zucchetto on right."

On the right is Carole Glatz. She is a reporter for CNS.

Anyway, my real post for today is below, but I thought you might enjoy reading about me in at the blog meeting in an Irish pub in Rome.


Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Good grief! You're channelling him! I just left him, Chris and Athanasius and I think they were talking about exactly that.

Seraphic Spouse said...

Gregory would be a smash hit at most dinner parties in the Historical House, and if I could have smuggled him into my Ryanair carry-on luggage to take home, I would have.

Jen D said...

Great dress!!

Seraphic said...

Thank you! It's from Anthropologie, and I got it on sale in Toronto. I love that dress! It takes up almost no room in a carry-on, too.