Monday, 16 April 2012

Latest Interview with Little Me

Oh, poppets. I have such a cold and yet so much work to do. Sniff sniff sneeze. I'll come back when I have time for a good chat. But in the meantime, there's an interview with me in the latest issue of eSPe, which you should rush out and buy if you happen to be in Poland.

I am so intrigued by the cover of the latest eSPe that its model is today's Swashbuckling Protector. Do you think he actually swashbuckles?

Anielskie Single will also be on sale during the Catholic book festival in Warsaw this week, so if you are in Warsaw yourself, you could have a look and say hello to Pan Tomasz at the Homo Dei section.

I had actual nightmares about buying my ticket to Krakow. I had better buy my ticket to Krakow this morning. Oh, woe is me. I am just so sniffly.


Jam said...

Gosh, he's got nice teeth.

Seraphic said...

I did notice the teeth. Nobody in the UKa seems to have teeth that colour.

Kate P said...

Congratulations on the interview, and may nightmares be the only problem with buying your ticket!