Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Czas Rodziny

Here I am, late again. But this time it is because Peanut and Popcorn (younger nephew and niece) are in town, plus friends have family in town, and today was 100% dedicated to families.

Blogging will be very light tomorrow and, I think, Thursday, and then I shall be doing so much family stuff, that you will probably not see anything new from me for a week!

Hmm, you see that comma after "stuff"? That proves that, any appearances to the contrary, I have indeed been studying Polish this week. (In Polish you always put a comma before "that." In English--nie.)

I wonder if you can get a plenary indulgence from learning Polish?  Do you think John Paul II may have established one when he started the Luminous Mysteries?  I very much hope so.

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Jam said...

I hope you are enjoying your family's visit!! Here's an article about a very not-Auntie-approved dating strategy: going to bars and giving men cake. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/audrey-shulman/sitting-in-bars-with-cake_b_3581293.html