Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Jet Lag Rides Again

My dear Singles, I am wiped. So here is a link to my other blog , and I hope you enjoy today's report.


Anna said...

Yay, I thoroughly enjoyed that diary of your book tour escapades! It made me smile, and even giggle. I desperately need a giggle tonight.

"Reflect that "Hullo Hullo/We are the Billy Boys" has probably never before appeared in CR." LOL Billy Boys? What do you mean by Billy Boys?

Seraphic said...

The original Billy Boys were a Protestant gang in Glasgow, I believe. The song is an anti-Catholic sectarian chant used by Rangers Football Club (Glasgow) fans including/or Orangemen when they think they can get away with it.

When examining the British press's coverage of Benedict XVI, I think it is important to consider the past 400 years of anti-Catholic feeling in Britain. And when the Scotsman reports BXVI's ad limina address to the Scottish bishops as "Pope Slams Scotland", I cannot help but remember the sectarian chants of Glasgow.