Monday, 18 October 2010

Congratulations to Sister Mary Thomas

The first thing I would like to do this morning is congratulation Sister Mary Thomas of the Benedictines of St. Cecilia's, Ryde, Isle of Wight. She took the veil and her first vows this morning. There was a small gathering of her friends, some of whom are also bloggers, at the church today. I await their reports with some avidity.

In [secular] life, Sister Mary Thomas was a pretty young woman in her twenties with a doctorate in history. We chatted a few times on Skype, and I had the privilege of being phoned up during her good-bye party (I think) before she left Scotland to become a postulant.

If reports are blogged, I will link to them in updates on this post. I think nuns are very interesting, but only if they belong to the tradition-leaning orders that are attracting young postulants. I am mean that way.

Update: Sorry for the wrong details. It was a very busy writing morning.


Clare said...

Hiya! My name's Clare!
Are these Isle of Wight nuns Dominicans or Benedictines? Also, have you ever read In This House of Brede by Rumer Godden? It's a beautiful and unique book, and I think you'd love it.

Clare said...

Oh wait....I guess I didn't really need to introduce myself. Oy Vey.

Anonymous said...

They're Benedictines, as you can see here....

One of my friends is a novice there and she loved that book Clare.


Seraphic said...

My mistake! Sister Mary Thomas took her veils THIS MORNING! I got a phone call from a priest who was an eye-witness. It seems to have been a beautiful, uplifting ceremony and Sr. M.T. was radiant!