Saturday, 16 October 2010

Don't Forget My Book!

"When is your book coming out in Poland?" asked a Polish friend from church.

"Ha ha ha," chuckled a British friend from church.

"Some time within the year," I said. "I'm not really sure."

The British friend stopped chuckling.

"Oh," he said. "You're serious!"

Yes, it is all very exciting to little me, Auntie Seraphic, that Seraphic Singles, which became The Closet's All Mine in the United States, will become something else in Poland under the auspices of Homo Dei, the press of the Polish Redemptorists.

Meanwhile, there are still lots of copies available in Canadian English (Seraphic Singles) and American English (The Closet's All Mine), so if you want to know what I was writing about the Single Life when I still WAS Single, either pop down to the closest Catholic bookshop or order online. This will make my publisher (his name is Joe) happy, and since he is pondering my next project, happy is what I want Joe to be.

The one sad thing is that I will not be able to read the Polish version of my book, since I do not know a single word in Polish. Were the translation Latin, French, Italian or German, I could muddle through with a dictionary. Possibly I could even piece a Spanish version together. However, as the Catholic devotion of Poland is a light to the nations, I am very proud that my book is to be published in Polish.

(By the way, if you're already read the book, consider leaving a review on (or here), or Reviews make me happy.)


U. said...

Dear Seraphic,

I'm a Polish-American Searching Single who has been reading your posts for over two years now. I couldn't resist commenting to say I'm so excited about your book coming out in Poland! And so are many of my Polish friends to whom I've been raving about your site lately. I shall be buying my share of copies as well :)

(I don't know much about how to leave comments, but I'd rather not have my full name appear, is it ok to use initials?) My name is Urszula, by the way :)

Seraphic said...

From now on, you can be U! (Sorry I couldn't take your full name from your comment. But lots of Polish-Americans must be called Urszula, so I doubt anyone will know U is you.)

Thank you for encouraging your Polish friends to buy my book! That is very nice of you.