Friday, 10 December 2010

LifeSiteNews is in Trouble

Someone just emailed to say that LifeSiteNews is in real financial trouble. My correspondent didn't even say "Sister, do you have a dime?" He just asked me to blog on their financial plight, and I said yes. He asked me to tell other bloggers like Andrew Cusack, and I said yes.

LifeSiteNews fights the good fight for the rights of unborn babies, the disabled, the aged and women who don't want to share their bathrooms with men dressed like women, and it collects a lot of news items of interest to Catholic and other Christians that you can't easily find elsewhere. It is quite unabashedly pro-traditional this and that, and it blew the lid off the Development & Peace scandal, which my Canadian readers may have heard about.

LifeSiteNews is more-or-less associated with The Interim, Canada's pro-life, pro-family print newspaper, which has managed to stay in print for so many decades, I'm starting suspect divine intervention. LifeSiteNews is also, IMHO, the most wide-reaching, influential thing the pro-life movement in Toronto has ever done, and I know what I'm talking about. It also employs Hilary White, who is a very good writer, I must say. She's got a tongue that could shave a hedgehog and has denounced me once or twice, but the woman can write.

If you happen to have $5 or more that you can spare on a needy internet newspaper, I suggest you send it to LifeSiteNews.

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berenike said...

LifeSite get their UN stuff from C-Fam, who are also struggling:

"I regret to say that the Friday Fax Fall Fund Drive has raised only $22,000. In order to stay on track, we need to raise an additional $63,000 through the end of the year. We have a regular reader who is stationed in Afghanistan. He works out of a rock hut.

We have regular readers in tiny African villages, dusty towns in Latin America.

We also have readers at the Ford Foundation. And at International Planned Parenthood Federation. And at the UN Population Fund. And the US Congress. And in governments around the world.

Little did I know that the Friday Fax would be the most important service that C-FAM provides to the global pro-life world. So, when I brag about the Friday Fax, I am really bragging about the work of my C-FAM colleagues.

They provide the only weekly source of pro-life and pro-family news coming out of UN headquarters every week. It is so good, that our friends at Life News and Life Site News run almost every issue of the Friday Fax! And the Friday Fax is picked up by dozens of news sites around the world.

The Friday Fax not only reports the news, it has gathered a global community of 250,000 subscribers. At the drop of an email, we can get 100,000 people to sign a petition to support the unborn child or to condemn assaults on the family. Two years ago, our petition for the unborn child garnered 650,000 names!

It costs us $170,000 per year to make this thing run. That includes salaries, expensive New York rent, printing and postage, emailing expenses and much else."