Thursday, 6 October 2011

Jestem w Warszawie

O poppets! I am so tired! Up at 6 this morning in Krakow to take a train to Warsaw. So far I have had two print interviews and recorded a radio interview. I must say it is very exciting, however.

Krakow is very very beautiful, and Warsaw is enormous. The religious articles shop where Berenike (of Laodicea) said "Anielskie Single" would be has sold out of "Anielskie Single." Meanwhile the shop was very crowded; I have not been in a crowded religious articles shop before. Ah, Poland!

Now I must sleep.


Jam said...

Oh how exciting!!

Maybe you've been asked this before, but was the book changed at all for the Polish edition (other than being translated)? Is there a special foreword or anything?

AND of course I/we would love to hear your thoughts on what is particular about being a Polish single vs a Catholic single elsewhere.

healthily sanguine said...

Without sufficient posts from here, I am becoming less and less seraphic! Ahh!! ;)

Eowyn said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Auntie S!!

kozz said...

How exciting. Makes me want to visit Poland some day.