Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Anielskie Single Tour

Poppets! We returned from Rome on Sunday, and tonight I leave for Krakow. I think the first thing I shall do when I get there--if shops are still open--is to buy a postcard for my youngest brother. He was with me at the never-to-be-forgotten Toronto Spoken Word event when a crazy Polish-Canadian poet got up and read a poem including the immortal verse:

First I lived in Krakow
And now I live
In a crack house.

You may laugh scornfully, but after going to Clara Blackwood's Syntactic Sunday event for years, that is one of the only verses that stuck in my head.

I am not sure of my schedule as yet, but I do know that I will be appearing on Radio Warsawa at NOON (Polish time) on Thursday, October 6 to talk about my book.

It's all very exciting. Don't forget that you can still buy my book in Canadian, American and Polish.


Alyssa said...

I was disappointed to find out last week that Crux in Toronto no longer has your book! Apparently it is out of print? </3

Seraphic said...

That cannot be possible! There is no way it can already be out of print. I suggest checking the Novalis website!

Seraphic said...

Or calling Crux again. Whoever was at the desk must have been giving you wrong information.