Friday, 25 November 2011

Thanksgiving Game Anecdotes

Okay, there are two posts today. The one above is about an amusing St. Catherine's Day custom, and this one is merely to give the Americans among you a space to report on their Thanksgiving.

Strangely enough, I went to a Thanksgiving Dinner myself, here in sunny Scotland, at a nice seventeenth century house across the fields. There was a toast to the American Founding Fathers and, I think, the Declaration of Independence, on which the Scottish Nationalist Party may be rather keen. B.A. had been invited, of course, but he was too sick to go, so I went unescorted, and various fellow guests asked where he was.

This reminded me of my Single readers being asked where your non-existent husband are, and although of course my case is completely different, it just goes to show that any woman who shows up sans man at parties may excite curiosity.

Okay, if you played one of the games, enter your points below.


Jam said...

I scored a big ol' goose egg, woo! AND - more impressive - I held my tongue when my uncle started whining about the new translation ("I never heard of it!" Because you go to mass once every other month at best?) ("No one asked me!" Because you don't know any Latin and therefore aren't much help in translating?) and then started ranting about a priest who had the gall to mention something or other about the environment in his homily ("I just about walked out! I don't give my money to have this leftist crap forced down my throat!"). I went and sliced dinner rolls and let other, braver, calmer souls deal with it.

Mustard Seed said...

Not only did no one say anything about my single status, I actually felt remarkably non-self-conscious about it - it didn't even cross my mind until I thought about it (seraphically!) at the end of the night. In the past, I've worried that my relatives all secretly wondered what was wrong with me for not bringing a guy to our holiday events (which was already a non-reality-oriented worry to have), but this year I just enjoyed catching up with loved ones and having everyone together in one place. Crazy right?! (It probably helps that unlike last year, I am no longer dating the 110%-wrong guy for me.) Anyway, something to be thankful for... hope everyone had a great holiday!

healthily sanguine said...

There wasn't a game for where your younger sister who's in a sexual relationship with a guy she's known a month keeps rubbing it in your face, and after she's gone you feel both sorry to be so very, very alone and (even more) sorry that she thinks that sex is "the driving force of the universe" and has dived in head-over-heels with this guy who may or may not be the right one. I am increasingly convinced that there are very few of the "Seraphic-feminists" who are happy-go-lucky, confident, liberal women who just so HAPPEN to be sexually active. I think there are a lot more young women like my younger sister, who can't fathom being alone and, while fooling themselves into believing they are being discerning, are utterly at sea in this world of emotions, oxytocin, and unreliable men.

Seraphic said...

Just found this, HS, and I am awfully sorry you went through that.

So your sister thinks sex is the driving force of the universe, eh? Well, I suppose it is natural for a childless young woman under 30 to feel that way.

Seraphic said...

"Sex is the driving force of the universe" may be worth a whole blog post. Hmm.