Saturday, 5 November 2011

"Anielskie Single" Interview

How exciting! At last my Nasz Dziennik interview has come out. Nasz Dziennik is a conservative national Polish daily paper.

It is also posted on the Radio Maryja website.

Update: Szczęść Boże Polska. Powitanie!

Update 2: This is a great take on the thorny issue "Is the unconsecrated Single life a vocation?" Hat-tip The Crescat.


Ania said...

I'm so happy that thanks to 'Nasz Dziennik' I've found your blog. I've read some of your latest stuff and tomorrow I'll definitely start from the beggining.
Thank you so much!
Greetings from Poland.

sciencegirl said...

Great interview! I love google's translation mode.

Seraphic said...

Science girl, I am afraid to read it through Google translate. I will have to get a Polish friend to read it out to me.

Welcome, Ania!