Friday, 16 December 2011

Advent of Pirate, Age 7

If you have read my book, you know all about Pirate. Pirate and his mother have arrived in Scotland for their Christmas holidays. I fixed up the guest room for them; they are now both asleep on the sitting-room couch.

But when they first arrived they were all about cookies and conversation.

Pirate: I want a new cousin.

Auntie S: You can talk to your Auntie [mother-of-2] about that.

Pirate: I want a new SCOTTISH cousin!

Auntie S: Um, er, um, er, um. Sometimes people don't get to decide about that. It is God who decides.

Pirate's Mummy: I know a lady who is 43 and has a really cute 3 month old baby.

Auntie S: That's nice. That's a nice story. I like stories like that.

Pirate's Mummy: In Bulgaria there is no age limit on adopting children.

Auntie S: Goodness!


Kate P said...

They are a riot at that age, aren't they? (7-year-olds, I mean. I can't vouch for their moms!) My niece is the same age and in the past month, she has acquired a new BROTHER and and a new BOY cousin. I hope she doesn't make the demand for a GIRL cousin of ME. Barking up the wrong tree there.

Lena said...

I remember a little girl telling me that since I was a lady, I must be a mom. She was really pushing my buttons. I was not happy.

Lena said...

Of course I had to act like a nice, happy adult to small child.

Seraphic Spouse said...

Yep. Small children have no clue.

But, actually, John Paul II said the same thing in Mulieris Dignitatem although of course he meant it in the spiritual sense. I suppose if confronted with a small child saying "You are a lady and so you must be a mom", I would say either "Yes, I am a spiritual mom!" or "Some ladies are Aunties and Aunties are very important!"

Maggie said...

It's even true with older-than-seven year olds. One of my middle schoolers recently asked me if I am a nun, since I don't think he'd ever met someone my age (26) who is single.

I explained I was not, and couldn't help adding that if I were to become a nun, I would be the kind that wears a veil and full habit, not just a dowdy skirt, short hair, and tiny cross pin.

Mustard Seed said...

I appreciate your use of the word "Goodness" at the end :) I couldn't tell if you were bemused or annoyed, but it seems like a good, polite catch-all when put on the spot about such things (and perhaps one's tone would say enough). It could also be used to change the subject, as in "Goodness! How about those Red Sox?"

healthily sanguine said...

Funny, I've gotten similar remarks from kids and it always makes me feel a bit flattered and amused. I clearly portray the kind of image that makes kids think I could or should be someone's mom (could this be because of the growing number of my friends who are young moms? or that I don't dress particularly "trendy"? who knows), which is cool with me. Hopefully someday I will be! :)