Saturday, 11 February 2012

Auntie's Night on the Tiles

Well. Last night I went out with two giddy young things for supper, concert, and drinks--first in the sort of pub that turns out not to be so nice for American-sounding ladies in evening dress and then in the sort of chic hotel bar to which Auntie has grown accustomed.

It was hilarious although I must say I did not like the lighting in the Ladies' Room of any of those venues. When you are running around with giddy young things, you do not want to think "Oh dear. Oh dearie me" when you have a moment alone to repair the ravages of time.


sciencegirl said...

Fluorescent lighting is cruel. Also, I had to look up "night on the tiles" and was relieved that it did not, as I had first thought, mean a night curled up on the tiles of a bathroom floor near a toilet.

Seraphic said...

Indeed not!

Shiraz said...


I spent the day in what was effectively a ten hour (continuous) job interview. Wish I had been out on the tiles with you, fluorescent lights or no fluorescent lights!


Seraphic said...

Hey, Shiraz! How's it going?