Friday, 4 May 2012

Jestem w Warszawia

Hello! Here I am at last, safe in Warsaw after a great retreat in Krakow. The weather was amazing, 70 women turned up and there was yummy Polish soup at both dinner and suppers. Poland has very yummy soups.

On Monday I'll write again and tell you all about it. But in the meantime I'd like to say how cool it was that one Canadian reader, M, and one American girl, R, came to Poland for the retreat. R doesn't speak any Polish, so M translated for her, and R is fluent in French, so she translated for a Polish lady who spoke very good French and wanted to ask not-so-good-in-French me some questions. So they were both real gifts to me. Then there was A, who told me my book changed her life, and other Polish women who read my blog or loved my book so much they started an "Anielskie Single" fellowship group.

Father Pawel, whose idea the retreat was, was a wonderful help, as was Dr K, my official translator. And it was such a relief to me that Father Pawel and his team organized everything in such detail that all I had to do was give my four lectures and hear confessions. No, just kidding: obviously they weren't CONFESSION confessions. They were one-on-one talks which was awesome, as that is what I was trained to have as an M.Div.

That was another wonderful about the retreat. The music was Polish Praise and Worship, and so I was strongly reminded of my M.Div. days. Indeed, the retreat felt kind of like what M.Divs in my school were trained to be doing. I don't get much of a chance to use my M.Div. skills in Britain, so this felt really good.

Okay, now I must run off to shops with my lovely Warsaw pal.


Urszula said...

So glad you had a wonderful experience in Krakow, now enjoy all Warsaw has to offer!

-Warsaw girl

Kate P said...

70 women at the retreat? How wonderful! Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Ewa Beata said...

Yes, 70 women at the retreat! I was among them :). Now I am back to Warsaw, to my normal busy life, but I feel "warmed up" and with new strenght. To tell the truth, what I heard at Kracow was not a revelation or anything new - I had my own reflections on the topic before. But I am REALLY happy I could listen to you - because I received the confirmation that my intuitions about how to live my single life and stay sane and cheerful were not so bad. Thank you!

Nzie (theRosyGardener) said...

Glad you had a lovely time in Krakow. It's truly a great city. I like Warsaw a lot, too - the old town/Nowy Swiat is marvelous, and the park where the Chopin monument is is quite nice, too. And I agree - the Polish do soup incredibly well. :-) Looking forward to whenever you get back.


Lena said...

Glad to hear about all the wonderful moments.