Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Opportunity--Cold Ash

Well, now I am totally annoyed. I have pulled this morning's post because I did not do my research and actually posted the casting call for a company that is responsible for this show. They want to do one on NCGs next, and in my innocence I thought it would be like the BBC's sweet "Young Nuns." Ha.

Thanks to Marta for doing the research. Meanwhile, watch out, American Catholic girls, for a casting call near you. Unless of course you want to be televised in a bikini falling out of clubs as you get revenge on your pious Catholic grandmother for telling you not to dress like a ho. What a world.

A great comment from Nzie, somewhat edited, which disappeared with my post: "...[That media company] apparently made Breaking Amish, which caused a stir when it became apparent that all the people on the show who were "experiencing new things" and who they had plenty of footage of in Amish garb had all actually left the Amish community several years before and the show was scripted.

... If we could be sure [a proposed show about Catholic girls] be like that British show The Monastery (which was fantastic) in its tone, okay, but we just can't. I don't want to see a naive young NCG be used for other people's ends, or see us portrayed as freaks. Of course, by exempting ourselves we then let the story be told by others, and maybe some naive NCGs will be taken up in it. But I don't think it can be helped...

So much for that particular Eavesdropper who wrote to me. But I don't want to punish the other one, so here is his advert. Obviously Cold Ash is a lousy name for a Catholic retreat house, but that's not his fault. I shall recommend this retreat to local young Catholic trad-loving friends.


During the weekend of the 18-20 October 2013, Young Catholic Adults will be running a national weekend at Cold Ash Retreat Centre just up the road from Douai Abbey (which was booked up this year).

* It will be include the following Priests:- Fr Goddard FSSP, Fr de Malleray, Fr. Pearson O.P. and Br. Wilson O.S.B.
* There will be a Marian Procession, Rosaries, Sung/HighMass,  Confession and socials.
* Gregorian Chant Workshops will also be running, this year led by the Schola Gregoriana of Cambridge

Weekend rates: £99.00 for adults, £69.00 for Students and U/E ( weekends starts on Friday evening with supper and finish on Sunday after lunch.

Saturday night only - £60.00 for adults, £50.00 for Students and U/E Full Board

B & B - £35.00 for adults, £30.00 (for student - U/E) per day
Non - residential and full board - (Friday & Saturday) - £45.00 for adults, £40.00 for (for student - U/E) per day

Non residential (includes meals) - £30.00 for adults, £25.00 (for student - U/E) per day

Non residential & no meals - £20.00 for adults, £15.00 (for student - U/E) per day.

To download a booking form please see :- http://www.youngcatholicadults.co.uk/events.htm

For general enquiries about the weekend please ring Margaret on 07515 805015 or Damian on 07908105787.

How to get to Cold Ash Retreat Centre (near Thatcham, Berkshire)
Car - Roughly halfway between Reading and Newbury, Cold Ash Retreat Centre is within easy reach of these towns as well as London, Oxford, Bracknell, Winchester and Basingstoke. The A4 (Bath Road is a couple of miles and the M4 is just 4 miles away.

Trains - The nearest railway stations are Thatcham and Newbury, with a regular service on the line from Reading to Taunton. It's just c. 45 minutes from London Paddington. The local railway station, Thatcham, is a couple of miles away (and has plenty of taxis available). Timetables and other information are provided by http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/.

Buses - Weavaway operates a bus service from Newbury Town Centre via Thatcham Broadway to Tilehurst, which stops at Cold Ash along the way.


Nzie said...

Glad you pulled it. I was working on a reply explaining my concerns when it disappeared.

The Irish Dance community in the northeast froze out TLC. I think it was a good idea.

Seraphic said...

Why did't I do my research?!?!?!

proverbialgirlfriend@gmail.com said...

Auntie, I live in the States (not NY, but close) and want to write a letter, too. I think Cardinal Dolan will be none too happy. Also, I understand your reasons for pulling the post, but feel that this is an occasion where we ladies can try to effect change...I attend a women's group, and I believe we all would love to give this company a piece of our minds. So might it be possible for me to be emailed the contact info posted within the listing...I did not see any information on the media company (whose name alone tells me to stay away) nor the network. Thank you!

Seraphic said...

I just wrote to the guy myself. It occurred to me that the first Catholic to be exploited in this project might be him. I imagine that it must be so tempting for a Catholic guy with a career to make to slough off his childhood Catholicism and throw it under a bus.

Magdalen said...

Auntie, what's happening with your book? I pre-ordered it a while ago and they keep changing the release date- do you have any inside scoop on when it's actually going to be released?

I watched a number of documentaries on the Amish, and I think the best one was for Channel 4, "Amish: World's Squarest Teenagers", where they had a group of Amish teens on Rumspringa stay with different British families for a week. The one week they stayed with "upper class", castle-owning titled Brits, the Amish girls were telling the British girls about what a woman's life was like in an Amish community, and the girl genuinely was envious, she wanted to be Amish.

If only the show about NCGs was like that one instead! Unlikely, though.

Seraphic said...

Given the ratings for "Breaking Amish", I would guess not.

I was told the book was at the printers, but I haven't been given a firm date. I think it should be soon.

Seraphic said...

It says October 14 now.

Jackie said...

The network TLC has a fascinating history: It used to be The Learning Channel and and was affiliated with NASA at the outset. They featured exclusively educational content. Somewhere along the way in the 90s and into the 2000s it became the equivalent of a carnival barker, featuring reality shows like 1000-lb Weight Loss and Sister Wives (polygamists).

TLC is now the proud home of "Honey Boo Boo" and family. I can't think of the last time they put anything ostensibly about education or intellect on the station. Basically any program with them will likely be pretty exploitative.

The BBC nuns program sounds really interesting. I usually have an "uh oh" feeling for reality shows since so many of them are so disordered. It would be great to see some positive examples out there!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you pulled that post.

What comes to mind now is Our Lady of Guadalupe standing on the snake.

Well, live and learn.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you pulled that post.

What comes to mind now is Our Lady of Guadalupe standing on the snake.

Well, live and learn.