Tuesday, 10 September 2013

"She Just Wanted to Have a Wedding"

 Read it and weep. Say a prayer for the poor dead groom.


Lena said...

That . . . that . . . that . . . that bride is so terrible that I am sputtering.

Anonymous said...

In the post on settling for Mr. Good Enough you wrote that when you're unhappy you're not very nice. I groaned inwardly and recognised myself there. I wonder if this was regret taken to the extreme and instead of doing a Renée Zellweger she killed him.

Whatever this one's story is I hope that she is charged as a man would be charged and sentenced accordingly. I've noticed far too often that women paedophiles (teachers for example) in America are treated differently. Furthermore I was reading in a newspaper here recently about the amount of men now looking for help for domestic violence, often in the form of verbal and financial abuse. Wives getting huge loans forging his signature, giving him 10 quid for his expenses for a week, hitting him knowing he can't hit back. Domestic violence cuts both ways and needs to be punished properly. Women have no excuse. I'm sure you've seen drunk women fighting Seraphic, hardly the gentle sex, women can be very violent too. That poor poor man.