Monday, 16 June 2014

Father Kenneth Walker, Pray for Us

I do not usually do prayer requests as this is not a devotional blog, but this time I have made an exception because it is regarding the late Father Kenneth Walker, FSSP, the young priest murdered in Phoenix, Arizona last week.

I am a supporter of the FSSP (Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter), and supporters of the FSSP across the world are in mourning for Father Walker and praying for the full recovery of his pastor Father Terra. There will be an FSSP Requiem Mass for the repose of Father Walker's soul in Edinburgh this evening at 6:15. (For the address, email me.) It is, however, the opinion of my FSSP chaplain that Father Walker is probably in heaven already. And as tradition-loving FSSP priests aren't fans of assuming everyone nice skips Purgatory, that is food for thought.

It occurs to me that it might be helpful to ask Father Walker's intercession in times of great need. Although his priestly ministry on earth was cut tragically short, it may be even more effective now that it has changed location.

The quality that is attributed again and again to Father Walker is innocence, and that seems very saintly to me. However, if he is in Purgatory, it will not help him very much if we all assume he is in heaven, so probably we should pray for him, along with the recovery of Father Terra, just in case. I, however, will also now pester him with my usual request, as St. Margaret of York has not come up with the goods. It might count as a miracle at this point, as a doctor has said (in short) "Still not interested in IVF?" and I have said (in short) "Are you an anti-Catholic bigot or something? For the 45th time, no."

Here is the youtube video of Father Walker's one recorded homily. My FSSP told his own flock to see it, so you can watch it along with me. Apparently it's excellent. You can see how very young Father Walker was, too. Oh dear. It's so sad when a young priest dies. However, a powerful new intercessor in heaven is a consoling thought.

Update: You know what, I should have known, but I was shocked that internet trolls are suggesting this murder and attempted murder have something to do with historical child abuse. The level of ignorance and hatred that still exist in the United States for Roman Catholic priests shocks me to the core. An innocent 28 year old, whose life has been extensively reported on in the press, has been murdered. Being murdered is not in any way, shape or form a suggestion that the victim did something wrong. I am now really very angry. Must calm down. Must remember that most people are by definition of average intelligence...


Nzie said...

The internet is a megaphone for those who otherwise would have no audience... Or, put shortly, never read the comments in large public internet fora.

This is extremely saddening. I listened to the 911 call and the other priest had clearly suffered quite a head injury as well. The whole thing is unfortunate. I heard they have arrested someone - who was actually only recently released from prison from the looks of it. I think the Bishop was right though to state that whoever did it is also a child of God and asked him not to hurt himself or anyone else.

Gregaria said...

My FSSP priests know both of these priests and are greatly saddened by what occurred.

On a related note, there has been entirely too much murder lately. Too many shootings. Lord have mercy.

Angie said...

I am very disturbed to read that the gun used in the shooting belonged to one of the priests, and that the attacker somehow used it against them. If what CNN is reporting is true, it is even more senseless and tragic.

Seraphic said...

Yes, I agree. I think that adds new horror. Poor Father Terra.

Elisabeth said...

Thank you for posting Fr. Walker's sermon - this is both comforting and heartbreaking. May he rest in peace, and in the Beatific Vision.