Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Getting Yourself Welcomed

You may recognize (->-this piece) in the Catholic Register. It's been chopped down to around 850 words taken out of its original "how to survive parties" context, and given a new title by an editor.

"Welcoming the Stranger" is, of course, a corporal work of mercy. But different cultures have different ways of doing that. And the enthusiastic jumping bean who grabs you the minute you walk through the door (if such a bean exists) might not be the only interesting person to talk to. The Stranger very often has to get herself actively welcomed instead of relying on the Mother Teresa of the parish hall or party. Hopefully my article gets the tips across.


Alisha said...

Hurray! This made me want to go out and make more friends!

Seraphic said...

Off you go, then! :-)