Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Postcard from Rome

Dear Auntie Seraphic

We’ve had a lot of talk on the blog about just being friends with other women, moving to new cities, going places and participating in events with others, and it occurs to me that it might be nice to have an informal get-together, a “meet-up” if you will, of seraphic singles in Rome.

I know very few people here, and I’m sure there must be others who read your blog who live in the eternal city. Do you think it would be possible to post my suggestion? I thought of your blog because you mentioned that two readers met in real life through it, and I’d love to meet some fellow readers. (Women, obviously.) It seems like many of us have common interests. Of course, if you wanted to visit Rome, I am sure that that would spark a gathering as well! Rather than my personal email, I’ve started a new account for this purpose that I don’t mind being tossed about the internet:


Well, girls? Anyone in Rome want to meet up with MaryJane? She's studying there, and I know firsthand how absolutely miserable it can be to move to a new city where you don't know many people. And, really, it is very, very difficult to be a Single woman, and a Single graduate student, when you don't have anyone to talk to on a regular basis.


Urszula said...

I'm not in Rome, but if you know of a group of Seraphic readers in the Washington DC area, I'd love to meet up. I just moved here a few months ago and while not terribly lonely, I would love to meet some sensible NCGs.

Anonymous said...

I'll let my friend know who is also in Roma!


MaryJane said...

Thanks, S! And Seraphic for posting this.

MaryJane said...

Urszula, I just found this link via the Evangelista's blog. It looks like a good group in DC.

Urszula said...

Thanks, MaryJane! I will have to check this group out, it looks interesting!