Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Two olives with GIN

Here's what I have to say about the late Cardinal Martini's last interview:

Catholic Register

Some of you may think I have gone easy on the late Cardinal. But I'll tell you this: as usual the British papers know squat about Catholicism, and after reading a couple of comment streams on the online Independent I was thinking I'll be up to my knees in Fenian blood--i.e. my own--one of these days. Scary, scary, scary.

Update: Girls, I've had a pile of "Auntie Seraphic" emails over the past two days, so if I haven't got back to you yet, I apologize. Try me again in a couple of days, when I should be over the worst of my cold.


Tess said...

Dear Auntie, since getting engaged I have been going around informing all my single female friends that your blog is entirely responsible for my engagement and that I spent my last year of being single memorizing your posts and writing to you for advice, so that may help to explain the surge in emails asking for advice (and if not, I'll still happily take the credit! :) ). Also, regarding the post about dream jobs, I work as a book editor now at a fairly prestigious publisher - just throwing it out there in case you ever want to do a book with us! Hope you and BA are doing well! Lots of love from Tess

Seraphic said...

Oh, Tess. How sweet! Could you tell them to buy my book, too?

Congratulations again on the new job!

Send me an email about your publisher and we'll talk about business stuff.