Saturday, 17 November 2012

Attention Zurich Readers

If I have any other readers in Zurich, could you please bring Magdalena some soup? Contact me, Seraphic, at

(I don't know, Magdalena... My electronic spy suggests that the readers nearest you are in Austria Germany.)


Sarah said...

I am in Germany, and I really wish I could bring Magdalena some soup, but Zurich is still something like 5 hours away from me. :(

Magdalena, are you a native to Switzerland or an expat? I'm just curious. I'm going to guess native because of your name. :)

Magdalena said...

German expat in Switzerland... Are you German, Sarah, or a poor something-else expat?

By the way, I did have a visitor this weekend (Notburga from!) who listened patiently to my coughing fits, so I don't have a right to complain any more. But she left me again today.

Thanks for putting up this post! We'll see if someone nice turns up. :)

Sarah said...

No, unfortunately I am not a true German. I'm an American living here (in Bavaria, just south of Munich) as an au pair until May-ish. Then I'll go home for a few months to see my familt, but hopefully not before obtaining the qualifications for a residency visa and a job so I can come back for an extended stay. I didn't know it was possible to fall in love with a place, but I have.

I can still have Auntie Seraphic give you my email, in case you want it. I'm not exactly "near" in terms of schedule and budget but I'm near enough that the idea that I may end up in Zurich is not all that far fetched, and it's always nice to have connections. :)