Thursday, 15 November 2012

We Go to Częstochowa

Second post of day: here is my latest article in the Catholic Register. That was not the headline I suggested, but I apologize to all Poles anyway. (Once upon a time there was a letter from the Polish ambassador to Canada complaining about another columnist. I certainly would not want the Polish ambassador complaining about me!)

The story was supposed to be funny, not whiny. I do not expect ticket-sellers to speak English, and I understand that there are serious historical factors involved in problems with the infrastructure. Thus most of the pain was caused by your poor Auntie's inability to cope.


Magdalena said...

Completely unrelated: I have a need for a little Single compassion. What do you do if you have a bad bronchitis since two months, living alone in a comparatively foreign city, where, due to your being ill all the time, you didn't have the energy to go out and collect a lot of friends who could come over and help you? I'm still going to my work most of the time. But there were days when I could hardly leave my bed to prepare a pot of tea without collapsing. And right now I am having an asthma attack every time when I'm coughing, and especially at night I start panicking! I never had asthma before. I have seen a doctor several times already, and maybe I'll have to go again tomorrow. Why this now?? Being alone in a flat and ill is HORRIBLE. Until a few months ago I always lived in shared flats, and was never so badly ill. After getting somewhat better the last two weeks, today I realized a new cold is on its way. This really depresses me extremely (today I nearly started crying at my desk in the office, and afterwards poured my heart out to a female colleague who unfortunately didn’t show as much sympathy as I thought I needed… Something like “here is my phone number, call me any time you want!”).

There is a completely new "single issue" for me: Don't panic or become depressive when you are alone and ill!

How do all of you cope with such situations?

Any little prayer that I get well again would be greatly appreciated!
I already rediscovered St. Blaise, intercessor for bad throats (he saved someone's life who was choking on a fish bone). We always get the "throat blessing" on his feast day in February, which got a whole new meaning for me now...

On a more cheerful note: I greatly enjoyed your stories at the “phoenix from the ashes” post! :)

Eowyn said...

Aw, man, Magdelena, I hear you about the being alone and sick and depressed. Do you have lovely friends back home to Skype with? That can work wonders to keep the morale up...though you can't send hot bowls of soup via Skype...

Rachel said...

Thinking about you, Magdalena. I lived alone for the first time (well, the first time that really counted) last year, and I can sympathize.

Sarah said...

Yes, being sick while you're living alone is really, really awful. I was never so homesick in my life as I was when I had a bad cold and just wanted to be back home, where I could lay, miserable, on the couch watching netflix with my mom to bring me tea.

It really sucks, and I'm sorry you're dealing with it right now. :(

Jackie said...

Hey Magdalena,

I'm so sorry to hear that! I will definitely say a prayer for your healing and that you make some really good friends. Hang in there.

This seems to be a difficult time for everyone right now. I am in a single situation as well and yesterday someone smashed in my car window with a brick and stole my winter coat and all my personal stuff. And none of it covered by insurance. :( Missing a car window in cold November is the worst!

It's hard but God is always there and wants to comfort us, I believe. I say my Rosary or even just talk to God out loud when I am stressed.

I really think God has worked miracles through cheap calling, especially Skype. If you can call a friend when you're down, it really helps.

Feel better soon, Magdalena!

Jackie said...

Oh and I forgot to mention, great article, Seraphic! I found beautiful pics of the Black Madonna and Child on google images. Breathtaking, actually!

I'm so glad you & BA got to experience it on your visit. And arrived home in one piece! ;-)

Seraphic said...

Magdalena, where are you? Maybe a reader is nearby...?

Magdalena said...

Sorry, my comment from yesterday seems to have been eaten by the internet. I wanted to thank you for your kind answers - that already helped :)

And I'm living in Zurich! So if other Seraphic Singles live in that region, I would be glad to meet them! :)

Alisha said...

Are you sure you are not having an allergic reaction to the building (like mold or something)? I had that problem once and I kept getting cold after cold as well as constant allergies and had to there a church close by that has people who visit the sick so you at least have someone to call on if there is trouble?