Saturday, 23 March 2013

Closed for Holy Week

Seraphic Singles will be closed from midnight (GMT) until Easter, and I will not be reading any emails over Holy Week. 

However, Easter is a holiday season, and as we all know, the holiday season can be the toughest time to be Single. So feel free to come back and read up on old posts as much as you like. I'll leave the comments on tonight because there's a reader who could use your support and fellowship right now. (See yesterday's combox.) 

Here is an old Good Friday piece about being Single.  A to jest tutaj po polsku.

Have a good Holy Week, and I'll be seeing you Easter Monday.


Rachel said...

Happy Easter!

I also wanted to say that I was confirmed at the Vigil on Saturday night, and picked St. Edith Stein as my confirmation saint, thanks in no small part to your frequent mentions of her, and to your lectures on her at the retreat last May.

Seraphic said...

That's wonderful! Did you go with "Edith" or "Teresa" as your confirmation name?


Rachel said...

Thank you! I went with "Edith."