Saturday, 18 May 2013

A Rare but Heartfelt Endorsement

I have been neglecting my reponsibilities to the blogging community by not mentioning other blogs I like. So I should mention the Orthogals today, because they are a hoot. Here's what they wrote about trying to find fellow Eastern Orthodox Christians on dating websites.

The struggles of young men and women in small, devout, liturgically, er, colourful Christian communities cut across ye olde ecumenical divide. One of the problems is the small dating pool. Another is that the small dating pool is full of people stubborn and eccentric enough to belong to a small, devout, liturgically colourful Christian community instead of to much bigger and much more easy-going communities. And if the people are stubborn and eccentric about religion, they might be stubborn and eccentric about other things, too.

Fortunately, there is such a thing as love. If you fall in love with someone, you don't care if he is obsessed with Peak Oil or the JFK assassination. Maybe, out of love, you too will read up on Peak Oil and stare at grainy images of grassy knolls. And if he falls in love with you, he will fall in love with your collection of garden trolls and forgive you for your obsessive and somewhat embarrassing hatred of whales.


Eowyn said...

I especially love the last paragraph.

Brigid said...

Thanks, Auntie S! We love you too.

Anna said...

Wooo, auntie Seraphic endorsement!

We <3 you!

Anonymous said...

There are worse things than hatred of whales. My husband overlooks my embarrassing crush (as a teenager) on Neil Diamond, perhaps the most uncool singer ever to have picked up a microphone. Ahem.