Thursday, 27 February 2014

Back in Embra

Here I am home in Edinburgh, and it is SPRING!

That said, I have wicked jet lag.

My four weeks in Canada were truly wonderful. I saw all my family, I saw a bunch of friends, I sold some books, I did some interviews, I bought some stuff, I received some gifts, I lost some weight, I practised Pilates, I heard two Novus Ordo Masses and two Usus Antiquior Masses, I heard my brother's piano concert, I wrote some articles, I got some fan mail, I marvelled at the pretty snow.

It's easy to marvel at pretty snow when you know you aren't going to see any again for months and months.

Packing for my return was very stressful. In the end it came to how many clothes and how many books I'd have to leave behind. It was a lesson in what I really love, and apparently I really love my massive Polish dictionary. I also really love the painting I bought at my brother's concert; I wrapped it in four layers of bubble wrap and one layer of newsprint and moved most of the books in my suitcase to my carry-on, granny's shopping bag so that if my suitcase was laid on its tummy, only clothes would press against the painting.

This meant I had to schlep 20.6 pounds of books and laptop! And I had to smile the whole time so no suspicious airport person would whisk the shopping bag from me and weigh it: "You are 0.6 pounds overweight, Comrade. You must give up your Polish dictionary." "No, no! Take my shoes instead!"

But I managed to get home with everything I packed, and I have given B.A. his presents, and there are fairy lights glowing in the hearth (open flame forbidden at the Historical House), and I will shortly dip into Cheryl Mendelson's housekeeping bible, Home Comforts: The Art & Science of Keeping House. I am going to spend Lent becoming a better housekeeper.

By the way, I need Aged P to phone and remind us when she is coming in June, so B.A. can tell his boss which week he wants off for the cottage. Hint, hint, Aged P.


Anna said...

I love Cheryl Mendelson's Home Comforts! Enjoy.

NS said...

Did the painting make it?

Seraphic said...

NS, yes it did, and a cheque will soon be in the mail! It looks great in the sitting-room, though we may go from room to room to see if it looks better somewhere else. But I think ultimately it will go up in the sitting-room over the harmonium.

Our first non-watercolour! Mark really likes it.