Saturday, 22 February 2014

Salt & Light Radio Interview

My radio interview with Deacon Pedro Guevara-Mann was really enjoyable, and you can hear it today (Saturday, February 22) on the following stations:

On the Catholic Channel (Sirius XM 129)
Saturday at 3 and 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific and Sunday 2pm ET, 11am PT.

On the Spirit Catholic Radio Network (Nebraska, South Dakota and Iowa)
Saturday at 10:00am and 9:00pm CENTRAL

On Holy Family Radio WJTA 88.9FM (Northeastern Ohio)
Saturday, 1pm

Available for streaming or download at
On Saturday at noon Eastern.

I think you'll find it fun to listen in. It's only 10-15 minutes long, and starts with the provocative question of "How is Ceremony of Innocence a Catholic novel?!"


Stellamaris said...

I love that owl cushion. I seriously just looked around at my couch (in need of upholstering) and wondered whether I should turn all the cushions into owl cushions. Hmm.

Julia said...

Stellamaris - first thing I noticed too!

Belfry Bat said...

We'll have to talk about Lord of the Rings, perhaps Monday... Tolkien's Catholicism certainly runs through it like rivers through farmland, but I'm developing a different reading of Frodo's character. Cheerio for now!

Seraphic said...

I love owls, owl cushions and woolly owl doorstops. We have many owls in the woods around the Historical House, but although I can often hear them, I can never see them! And thus I compensate with Everything Owl.

My love of owls has made gift-shopping for me very easy. And I now have three owl cushions! And one hedgehog cushion in the same line!

Sunnysaffer said...

I have given up sugar, dairy and wheat and have been AMAZED at how much better I feel. Gone are the sinus problems I have been suffering from for years as well as the 'cotton wool head' I used to get far too frequently. Of course, I do make the odd exception, like eating the gluten free cupcake my niece made me - delicious!

Stellamaris said...

Oooh! Picture of the hedgehog cushion?

Seraphic said...

One day!