Thursday, 27 March 2014

Regret for Typos/Coming Appearances

Cherubs! Click once again to IP Novels to read my latest thoughts on writing. Oh dear. I wish I had known all that stuff when I was a child. But when I was a child, there was no Auntie Seraphic to pass along such helpful hints.

Oh, poppets. The horrors of growing up and negotiating the dating world without an Auntie Seraphic. This is why I AM Auntie Seraphic: so that no NCG (or Other Single of Good Will) has to go through what I went through without an Auntie Seraphic ever again. (Lest that sound just too self-absorbed, I point out that there are lots of budding Auntie Seraphics in the world, including those wise Byzantine ladies at Orthogals.)

In my fondest dreams, I set up a gypsya Romany an Irish Traveller caravan (the old kind, of painted wood) in the fields behind the Historical House and give advice to young ladies who cross my palm with silver or, rather, pound notes.

I wonder if this is something I could do in my old age: wander through Poland and Lithuania with a strong pony in my caravan, a lonesome gypsy cyganka wild. I hope this would not affront the Polish and Lithuanian sense of modernity and industrialization: I have with my own eyes seen from the train from Warsaw to Kraków a handsome farmer plowing his fields with a horse. Farmer-plow-horse. Utterly charming!


BY THE WAY! Fiorella de Maria, author of Poor Banished Children and Do No Harm and I are having a joint BOOK EVENT in London, England this Saturday June 7 at St Paul's Bookshop, right beside Westminster Cathedral. It is from 4 to 6, and then we shall go to the Albert or some other nearby pub to drink with any readers still around. So if you live in or near London, mark it on your calendars!

Meanwhile, I will be participating in a women's retreat in Kraków this May 2-4. The retreat will be in Polish, and my four talks will be in English, simultaneously translated into Polish. One year I will give my talks in Polish, but this is not that year. Czytam i piszam po polsku, ale nie mowię dobrze. Nigdy nie pamiętam słów, i mój aksent jest komiczny.



MaryT said...

Totally coming.

So excited.


Seraphic said...


And as an added bonus, B.A. is coming, too!

Seraphic said...

To the London book event, I mean. Not the Polish retreat!