Wednesday, 30 July 2014

August 1--Day of Prayer for Christians of the Middle East

Don't forget that August 1 is the Day of Penance and Prayer for Christians in Iraq for everyone served by the FSSP (Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter) apostolate. If you have never been to Mass in the Extraordinary Form and there is an FSSP church or chapel near you, this might be a good opportunity to attend one. You don't really need a missal--although if you don't have one, I do recommend reading ahead so you don't feel lost and helpless--you can go there and just prayerfully be.

The one in Edinburgh will be at 6:15 PM in St. Cuthbert's Chapel. St. Cuthbert's Chapel is tiny; on some occasions, worshippers spill out into the hall.

This Australian blogpost has some ideas for what you can do to help the Christians of Iraq and the rest of the Middle East. (WARNING: photos of crucified men.) I like them all. But I have another idea about the "N" sign; I think we should wear buttons, too. That way our support for the Middle Eastern Christians would be visible to complete strangers, not just our Facebook friends. If you think that is too "in your face" and scary, reflect that you are probably wearing a cross or crucifix around your neck right now. (I wear a cross myself; I chose it years ago in a fit of anti-triumphalist ecumenism.) But, um, does anyone one know where you go to have buttons made?

Meanwhile, please pray, offer a Mass, fast, and--perhaps most painful of all for cash-strapped single girls and housewives--donate money on behalf of the Christians driven from Mosul (i.e. Nineveh). Apparently what they need most right now is money because when they were forced to leave behind all their property, they were also forced to leave their jobs and businesses (naturally). If you fast all day--drink water and I recommend tea and coffee to keep you going--it would be extra-meaningful if you donate the money saved. If you make the buttons, you could sell them for a dollar/pound/Euro and give the money to a charity directly helping the Mosul Christians.

Another thing you can do, of course, is get online and blog about the crisis. Comment on newspaper columns about Christians in the Middle East , and if you have the time and patience, feel free to get into arguments. The more comments a column generates, the more attention editors are likely to pay. If you are that kind of person, call up newspaper editors and say thanks for the coverage or demand "Where is the coverage?"
Western Christian Problem Update: None of our guests found my lost emerald in the soup, thank heavens, nor do they think they have swallowed it. I am still hoping it is in the new vacuum cleaner. However, I am not looking forward to sifting through the dust and dead moth bits to see.


Heather in Toronto said...

Regarding buttons, the answer is the internet. Google "custom buttons." There is an astonishing number of custom button manufacturers out there. Looks like you can have buttons made in a variety of shapes and sizes for as few as 100 at a time, although of course larger quantities are cheaper per unit. And ordering over the internet means you could just upload the image you want to put on them.

Seraphic said...

Thank you!

Domestic Diva said...

Seraphic, can you and readers post some of the reliable places we can send money to these Christians?

Stellamaris said...

Word has been going around in my diocese that a local Chaldean parish is giving information on how to help, where to donate, etc. You might try and see if there is a Chaldean community near you, call them up, and ask what they are doing to help and if you can pitch in.
There is also Aid to the Church in Need:

Kate P said...

Also, the couple who run Pray More Novenas' website are starting a Novena for Religious Freedom on August 1. You can sign up online to have the novena sent to your email inbox each day (which will be a nice reminder to sacrifice).

Lena said...

I will be joining you in prayer on Friday, August 1, 2014, and noted that on my blog.

Eva said...

Dear Seraphic and readers, I join you in praying for these suffering members of the body of Christ. Please remember my godmother, Sr. Luma, who is serving her religious community in the Nineveh region. The last update from her was 12 days ago. May our Lord and His Mother keep them safe.

Seraphic said...

Thanks, Lena! I've got some links to good Catholic aid groups on today's post.