Monday, 28 July 2014

Housewifery sleepy...zzzzz

Today's plan was to finish the Monday chores by noon, and then sit down to work very hard at writing. Why then does the left-hand bottom corner of my computer screen read 18:21?

I am sure the novelty well wear off, but today I tidied the bedroom and the library, vacuumed them, put jackets back on books, put books back on shelves, vacuumed stuffed chairs, sorted through a bag of rubbish, squashed three moth with my bare fingers and organized the memory box, i.e. sorted all the paper souvenirs and greeting cards for the past six years, e.g. all cards from Fr B, all cards and letters from Berenike, all cards and letters from Der Guter.

Zzzzz. Meanwhile I washed four loads of laundry, and the washing-machine is three floors down, in what used to be Servants' Hall.

Zzzzz. And I went to Tesco (about a mile away) with my shopping trolley, in gym clothes. Actual gym clothes. But not sweatpants.

Zzzz. And then I came home and put all the groceries away, made an ornate potato salad for dinner and washed the dishes.

And now it is 18:29 and I am feeling pretty tired. I think I will put my feet up and have a glass of zubrowka.

At any rate I hope to work very hard on my writing tomorrow.


Sheila said...

Unrelated but might give you a chuckle:

Chris said...

Since you mention memory:

Now that you've been married a while, what are (or perhaps, what *remain*) the most important things about BA, that influence your marriage? It would be interesting to get clues as to what one should *really* look for, as opposed to the superficial things which begin to fall away over time.

For example, I imagine hanging out with his cool friends and admiring his eyes might be less important now, but probably personality influences your day to day life more? I'm just guessing.

Seraphic said...

What is most important is that he is cheerful and even-tempered most of the time and always in public. And he gets up and goes to work in the morning. That is also very important. He's very patient with my bad moods, which is extremely lucky for me. He is not at all mean with money.

Although he watches a lot of TV in the evening, he also reads books, which is reassuring. He knows a lot about art, which is a very good thing in our community. It's nice to see your husband shine at something. Oh, and he goes to Mass every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation, and his friends are cool, too.

Anamaria Scaperlanda Biddick said...

Between your posts and stumbling upon the blog Like Mother, Like Daughter, I really am inspired to clean and beautify my humble little back-alley hovel!

(BTW, you might enjoy this post, which includes this part:

Now, here at Like Mother, Like Daughter we write for people like ourselves. People who would rather be reading than cleaning. People with lots of other people around. People who will stop whatever they are doing to hear a good story. People who like children and dogs, at least in theory.

People with big ideas who are continually surprised at the intractability of the material world — its propensity towards disorder, for instance…

We would rather make plans for a difficult and complex project than execute it, and we tend to get bogged down in the details. But, I’ll say this about us, we do realize that the details matter, and that somehow we must stoop to conquer. We don’t scorn cleaning a bathroom even if it doesn’t come naturally, because we know we are happier when things are clean. We know they could be cleaner. We’re good with clean.)

Ha. Yes. Me, me, me!

PS Sheila, hilarious!

MaryJane said...

I'm curious: do you recommend keeping the kabosh on bad moods until after marriage? Or would you consider it a failure of authenticity?

It's one thing to say "I'm the kind of person who suffers from mood swings" when the other person doesn't see them. But it's quite another to *experience* a person's mood swings.

Thoughts for those who have yet to be married?