Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Ringzilla Loses An Eye

Oh, sorrow. Today's piece of advice is to never do heavy housework while wearing your engagement ring, if you have one or if you get one. It turns out that there is no particular blessing protecting engagement rings--at least not Ringzilla. This morning Ringzilla twinkled at me with seven eyes (four green), and late this afternoon when I cast aside my cleaning clothes and reached for the sunscreen, he glared at me with six (three green).

I do hope I find the emerald in the vacuum bag and that it has not fallen in the soup. Unfortunately it is the same size as a diced bit of cucumber and the soup is made with yogurt. Everyone pray to St. Anthony and St. Martha (whose feast day it is by the old calendar) that it has not fallen in the soup and will not be swallowed by any of the evening's guests, especially not the priest.



Lena said...

I hope you find your gem. Dear St. Anthony, please let Seraphic find her gem.

Can you post a picture of your engagement ring? Just curious.

Can you strain the soup?

Antigone in NYC said...

Do not give up hope!

My friend lost a diamond from her engagement band on a camping trip, and miraculously found it after a couple hours of careful, methodical searching.

Will pray to St. Anthony for you!

Kate P said...

Dear St. Anthony, do your thing and help Seraphic's ring!

My mom's engagement ring occasionally has one of the little opals crack. Hazards of housework and nature of opals (Dad's selection).

Julia said...

Kate P., I LOVE opals. My national gemstone and everything.

My mother lost her late mother's diamond when it fell out of the ring clasp. She hadn't thought to get the clasp tightened.

Seraphic said...

Oh how sad about the diamond ring! How crushing! Old family jewels are best, I think. My sister-in-law now has my father's mother's engagement ring and I would be seriously envious had I not Grandma's dinner ring. (She used to tell me that the ring would be mine when she died, very useful and important information I squirreled away in my memory.

Ah, opals. Opals are beautiful, but traditionally only for October girls, which I think unfair. I think this whole "bad luck" thing was spread around by October girls (like my mother) so the rest of us would keep our hands off their beautiful jewellery.

Belfry Bat said...

I have to wonder, now, how do you go about dicing your cucumber?

Kate P said...

Yay, opal lovers! Both my mom and I are October babies. They're just so fragile--I have a nice fake ring my aunt picked out so I needn't worry. (Until I inherit Mom's engagement ring, I guess.)

Also, the fact that my sister's engagement ring is missing one of its diamond chips helped her prove the ring was hers when she'd lost it (slipped off her cold finger) a few months ago. So a missing stone is not the worst thing all the time!