Saturday, 9 August 2014

One More Week of "Seraphic Singles"

After so many years, I think I have blogged what I have to blog about the Single Life. And I have left a permanent record, after all: Seraphic Singles (Novalis) and its Polish twin Anielskie Single (Homo Dei). These fine volumes describe what life was like for a Single woman in her mid-thirties in 2006-2007 which was, after all, seven years ago. Times have changed, and so have I, quite obviously, having been married for five years. I think it is time to leave the baton of writing about Single Life with Single women. And indeed, there are many Single women writing about Single life now. In the USA there is even a Catholic organization devoted to non-consecrated Singles.

Although I plan to focus on my professional writing, I won't give up blogging entirely. I'm turning over a few ideas about my next blog, and I'll set it up soon and post a link. Meanwhile, starting Monday, I'll be reviewing what I think are the most important aspects and issues of Single Life.

Update: By the way, today is the Feast of St. Edith Stein (Teresa Benedicta of the Cross). I just found out or I would have gone to Mass this morning!


Julia said...

All good things must come to an end, I guess, and you've hinted before that you were leaning towards ending this blog. Can't wait to see what your next blog is about and thank you for writing this one for so long!

Marigold said...

Please let it be archived somewhere, or at least don't delete it! (I doubt you would but it bears saying.) I personally would love to have an archive of all the specifically Singles-related posts, especially of the 'best way to make your bed cosy' type. I loved those.

Sarah Lantz said...

Awww, you will be missed! But you're right - I do have your book, and there are always the archives!

One request, as you review/wrap things up: would you mind posting links to any resources you're aware of, such as you mentioned above? (Other women currently writing about these issues, and the Catholic organization for non consecrated singles.)
It would be very appreciated!

Pearlmusic said...

Dear Seraphic,

I feel blessed that I stumbled upon your blog at the right time and place of my life and enjoyed great discussions with fellow Singles in the combox! It would be great to keep in touch in some way. But recently I also gave up on commenting, which is – actually – a good sign. Guess I have moved on from pondering my state to living my life as it is and it is something most of us have to do, sooner or later.
Hope you will come to Poland again and there’ll be a chance to meet in person!
PS: As for the resources, I second with Sarah – let’s make a list!

Here are some blogs I’ve found:
The Orthogals: – An Orthodox blog for Single women; I guess Auntie Seraphic redirected us there;
More than Don’t Have Sex – an insightful male perspective on Christ-centered Singleness
Love and Grace – another blog for Christian Singles
Sara Eckel (author of “It's Not You: 27 (Wrong) Reasons You're Single”) - a secular, but very reasonable resource.
God bless you!

Gregaria said...

Dear Seraphic,

Thank you for all the great advice over the years! I know I've learned so much from you and I am very grateful. You have made a very positive, lasting impact on my life and I'm sure many others as well. This is one of the best blogs on the internet!

I look forward to reading your future work, whether in blog or book form.

Domestic Diva said...

Dear Seraphic, I will miss this blog tremendously and am sad to see it go. I cannot express adequately how helpful and enjoyable your posts have been. Thank you for generously sharing yourself in this way for so many years. My prayers for God to bless you in your future endeavors…I look forward to seeing your work in other venues!

Anonymous said...

I'm sad that you won't be writing about the single life anymore. I'm very grateful for what you have contributed to the topic. Of course, whatever you choose to write about in the future will be interesting and entertaining! :-D
- layla

Madeleine said...

Dear Seraphic,

This makes me sad, as I've so enjoyed reading your blog and advice over the last couple of years.

Guess I really should buy your book now! ;)

look forward to reading the next blog.


Kate P said...

Sad you won't be writing about singles in the future, but hopeful there will be more/other forms of writing from you to come. It would be rough not to "see" you anymore!

(My word verification is "lachrymal"--could it possibly be any more appropriate?)

Sheila said...

Waaaaaaaah! What else will I check first every morning over my tea? And chitchat with lovely people in the combox? :( Sniffles. Do send us over to whatever writing you do in the future.

JK said...

I think that, at least in the back of my mind, I will always hold that you're a small part of why I am now married. Having read "It's just coffee!!" every morning for two years before meeting my now-husband helped me to, well, actually go eat some food with him. And the rest is history and all of that. :)

Thanks, Auntie S!

hip2bsquare said...

Wow. It's the end of an era. I've been reading from close to the beginning (I even stuck with it through the pink background era.

I'll be sad to see the blog go, but I appreciate all the hard work you've put into it over the years.

Thank you for helping me avoid all the mistakes that I would have made otherwise.

Seraphic said...

This will be a good week for everyone to get on in and comment. It's your last chance because I really am done blogging about Single stuff per se.

Seraphic said...

JK, I'm very glad to read that!

Heather in Toronto said...

Dear Seraphic,

Thank you for your blog.

When you decide what your next blogging adventure will be, please do import your silly stories and continue them! I wait with bated breath to follow the continuing adventures of proodens and her entourage when you next have leisure to let them out to play.

Stellamaris said...

I would also like to thank you for your blog. I still credit you for my state of (relatively) seraphic singleness.
But does this mean the end of The Bodyce Ripper???

Sherwood said...

I have greatly enjoyed reading Seraphic Singles, and the comments thereof, for the past year and a half. You have a dear motherly heart and a witty way with words - the combination is beautiful!

I'm not surprised by this announcement. I have noticed a change in your content over the past year - not necessarily for the worse, just more about hospitality, news, world events, and broad religious topics, and less about the single life. Maybe you're being called to write more global articles, especially about current religious persecution, than fit the original purpose of this blog; I say, whatever you do, more power to you!

That said - I'll miss the cozy, feminine intimacy of this corner of the web. Whatever grand catastrophes happened in the outside world, Seraphic Singles was a daily haven where I could forget about the big troubles for a little while and focus on domestic, familiar things - dresses, dates, manners, families, homes, refined behavior - and know that I was doing so with other women of faith and good will. So while I agree that it's time to move on, I'll sure miss this blog! Please leave the archives up at least!

c'est la vie said...

I'm excited to read what you write next... and I will miss this very much. Thank you, thank you.

c'est la vie

JLH said...


I am sorry to hear that you will not be blogging for single women anymore. I just came through a rough breakup, and your writings have been inspirational to me. I am looking at going back to pursue a doctorate in something I truly love, and I hope that by making full use of the gifts God has given me, He will help me find my vocation.

I concur with those who hope you will leave some kind of archive on here. You have a lot of common sense and wisdom that is unfortunately lacking in a lot of Catholic circles, and it has been so refreshing to read what you write. I wish the best in all you do.

Leo said...

Dear Auntie Seraphic:

These are melancholy tidings. No one has blogged, is blogging, or will blog as well as you do when it comes to the contemporary singles scene as seen from a Catholic woman's perspective. I understand and appreciate your desire to explore other topics, of course. But this blog was something special. It provided class, wit, and insight to the Internet, and (as I can attest personally) provided hope, good advice, and fellowship to some beleaguered women who needed those things.

I am sure the next blog will be just as enjoyable. But still. could always reconsider...

Michael said...

Hi Seraphic

I'm very glad for your blog and the chance of having met you in person. It supported my development as a Christian man and my curiosity of understanding the male-female relationships... Also you are so gifted in writing! I especially like the saying "most easily shocked" ;-).

Jules said...

Thank you for your blog! It has been a refreshing and enlightening read/outlet for several years now. It certainly was helpful to me through some rough times, and I am grateful that I found this gem of a blog in the midst of it! May God bless all of your future pusuits!

Nzie said...

Wow. Here I just come back from a wedding out of state, scroll down to catch up, and see this news.

Thank you for this blog. I think it helped me grow up - found it during those critical early-to-mid-20s when I did a lot of growing up in a lot of ways. I do hope you'll leave it up. I have saved links to some of my favorite posts to share with my sisters and friends as needed.

I will miss this blog but everyone needs to move on. Thanks for looking out for us single young women of good will, for helping us be rooted in reality, and see a bigger picture than whether we are popular with the fellows. There is such a charm about your writing style I will most assuredly follow to whatever your next endeavor is.

In gratitude,

Jen D said...

Thanks for your years of blogging! Though I don't comment often, I have been a faithful reader since before your switch to this blogspot from the previous one. Thank you also for being available through email during your writing of this blog - your candid responses to my Single Life questions helped me keep my head on straight. God bless you; you are often in my prayers! :)

JaneL said...

Are there at least a few email seraphic questions from readers that you've yet to respond to?

I've always enjoyed those.

Rosemary said...

Thanks for all your wisdom and compassion, Auntie Seraphic!