Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Famous Again

I just got off the phone/radio with Brian Patrick of Sacred Heart Radio and--whew--my pulse is going! That was an intense 10 minutes, people. And he asked me the hard question: eeek!

He didn't ask me about the Edith Stein Project after all, so here's a link to their website.

Did anybody hear me? Was my accent totally weird? Was it weird to hear me say things you usually see written down? When B.A. met me, he dreaded I might have a squeaky voice; something about my blog made him think I might be squeaky.

Now I'm going off into the wild blue yonder to buy groceries and, if I can find one, a nice new-to-me thrift shop dress. It's my birthday tomorrow, and I want to look nice for my French restaurant Scottish birthday lunch!

Update: Reboot tomorrow at 6:45 Eastern Standard Time on EWTN! See Matt's comment in the combox for details. How awesome to be on EWTN.


Sheila said...

Sadly, I missed it -- you were on during the one hour I'm at work each day. What did you talk about? How did you answer the hard question?

shrmatt said...

It went better than you thought it did :) For those who want to catch the reboot, tune in at 6:45 AM Eastern time to catch the repeat. Listen online at www.ewtn.com.

Seraphic said...

Sheila, I answered the hard question by saying that I was Single for a good long time!

Other than that, it was easy, and I got to hammer home some of my favourite points, like getting to know people for themselves and not as "potential spouses." I stressed the importance of friendship, too.

Brian brought up the chastity issue; he seemed to think world put more of an emphasis on sex than on "partnerdom", although I disagree with that. (Outside of the prn industries, the world is obsessed with serial monogamy, the glamour of romance, over and over again, chucking out the old love as soon as the newness has worn off and the work begins.) Anyway, I said that the support of Christian friends really helps.

Brian mentioned selfishness, which was very sharp of him. I said that being self-absorbed was indeed a temptation for Singles, but other Singles get obsessed with being the Nicest Guy/Girl in the World and doing TOO MUCH for people. So I proposed a golden mean.

Julie said...

And it's not like you spent an enormous amount of time, as I understand it, dating BA or being engaged, right? So you went pretty quickly from Single to Married, which I rather think makes a difference. Or at least it makes a difference for those of us whose experience is more Dateless Wonder than the rom-com montage of bad dates. Your message is emphatically NOT "how to get a boyfriend and then how to get him to marry you" and I think your experience backs that up.

I didn't notice anything about your accent, but there was some word the host said -- I can't remember it now -- that made me pause and think, "is that really how Ohioans talk? How weird!" So, don't sweat it ;)

MargoB said...

All in all, Seraphic, you had 10 minutes, and you really made the most of them. Hurrah that it will be on EWTN! ('tho one could wish for a primer-time slot -- but some folks may be driving to work or getting ready for the day at 6:45, so huzzah for that :) ).

Anonymous said...

On the occasions when I've met you, your accent has had a certain kind of clipped precision that made me think "Ah! a 'colonial' - like me..." Take that for what it's worth.

English people, Australians, and Americans all slur consonants and swallow vowels. New Zealanders, South Africans, and Canadians do NOT, although we sound very different from each other, otherwise.

Weirdly enough, NZ' ers and SA'ers sound rather similar, while us Cdns sound like nothing on earth except ourselves. Sort of American, except to Americans, sort of English, except to the English (and Australians). Sigh. What are we, anyway?

Anonymous said...

Happy early birthday!!
Silent Jen