Saturday, 22 January 2011

The Joy of Shopping Alone

Today I went to an art opening without B.A, and on the way home stopped in at Jenner's to have a look at their ladies' suits. Since I am giving a paper at Notre Dame, I have a good excuse to go looking at proper ladies' suits instead of combing the local thrift shops for struggling writer chic. It was all a bit mad, as the January sales are on, and if there is a stereotype to be proud of, it is that of the penny-pinching Edinbourgeoise stalking her prey through the 70% Off sales rack at Jenner's.

As I hunted for my suit, I spied a little old Scotsman in a chair in a corner by a fitting room. He was well appointed in smart tweeds and mackintosh, but was otherwise the very picture of husbandly gloom. There is always something very comic about the Waiting Husband, and I couldn't help smiling. He spotted me smiling and, to his very great credit, chuckled himself.

I enjoy poking around thrift shops with my own husband, but I really wouldn't want to lead him through the Women's Wear section of any department store. Neither would I want him trailing me through an (shudder) outlet mall. I suppose there are men with whom one CAN go clothes' shopping and enjoy it thoroughly, but I have yet to meet these men. Although I sometimes enjoy going shopping with a female friend, for me clothes' shopping is a solitary endeavour, one in which I have to concentrate.


Catholic Pen said...

I agree to that. It is much easier to go about your own business of shopping without worrying about annoying another person by taking too long! I've always thought that if I ever get married, I would go solo the first time I went wedding dress shopping--so then I could narrow down by what I like/dislike before I bring anyone else in the picture.

Sundancer said...

I never get serious clothes shopping done unless I try on TONS of things, and I wouldn't want to subject anyone I love to waiting that long!

Therese Z said...

I also hate to see a man sent to the store to buy womens' products, if you catch my drift.

Unless you are at home with three barfing babies, then you should be buying your own supplies!