Monday, 31 January 2011

Who Wants to Live in Rome?

Are you a woman? Are you hankering to go and live in Rome for the rest of the year? Have you dreamed of studying at the Gregorian but are afraid to face the Roman housing market?

If so, perhaps you are Hilary White's next flatmate. She has a very nice apartment just outside Rome, and she works in Rome itself, as the world's nastiest, wittiest, most orthodox Roman Roman Catholic correspondent. I'm sure she'd be nice to you. In fact, she might just kiss your feet in gratitude for coming to Rome to share the rent.

Anyway, here's Hilary's latest plea for a flatmate. See if you can help Hilary. She is your fellow Single after all. And she is good peeples. If carnaptious in print.


Julie said...

Oh, how I wish :( It's a gorgeous place and in Rome to boot. Unfortunately I am well and truly stuck in Chicago.

stpius5 said...

+JMJ How I wish the same! To live in Rome! Since 2000 most every year I've spent at least 10 days in Rome on a personal pilgrim. Can't go this year, but am planning to do so 2012!

Maggie said...

Oh what a lovely place! If I could, I would toddle off to Rome. But I do love my job here, and here I will stay. But I will pass the word along!

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Thanks Dorothy... completely unlooked for...

( I still think all this "dating" stuff is silly...)

It's been helpful. I just got a note last night from someone who is a bit interested. Got four jingles from the Roommate Fairy yesterday. Maybe we will do as well today.

One small correction, however, is that the flat is not in Rome. It's in Santa Marinella (try Google Earth) which is about 60 miles up the coast line on the train. A lovely beachside resort town close enough to the Urbs to make an easy commute, but far enough to be mostly out of the blast zone.

A note for potential flatmates though, do take the time to read my blog and my Lifesite work

In fact, you can find out all you need by sticking my name into Google. What you read there will let you know that I'm a middle aged, cantankerous Trad Catholic writer with insanely right-wing political views and a curmudgeon streak...

so be aware to be safe.

Always do the research.

Seraphic said...

It's Romish. You're not middle-aged if you don't die until you're 100. But yes, you are right-wing. That you are. Yup.

If you could manage to keep your eyes from bleeding when you read my blog, Hilary, you would know that I am down on dating and up with making friends and actual honest courtship.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...


I'll never forget the warm glow I felt when having a(nother) discussion about The Church, Politics, History and All Good Things with David Warren and John Muggeridge.

I had said something unusually outrageous and the two of them burst out laughing.

John said, "Hilary, you REALLY are a conservative!"

Christine said...

Would that I could :-)