Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Blogging from the Airport

Free wi-fi is one of my favourite things!

I am quite sleepy, though. If I had been more awake, I might have accepted the $400 to go to Heathrow instead and wait for different flight to Glasgow. But I am sleepy, and I am trusting to a sort of inner auto-pilot that is programmed to get home to the Historical House as swiftly and easily as possible. If all goes well, I will be there within 12 hours.

Random Thoughts from Airport:

1. It is totally unfair that I am not allowed to bring more than one litre of spirits into the UK. >:-(

2. Chanel No. 5 costs as much or more in the airport as it does anywhere else. >:-(

3. I identified myself as a traditionalist in the CR which means many readers may now think I am whackadoodle. <:-o nbsp="" p="">
Oh, well.

4. The most interesting question I got from a reader this visit was "Are you worried about over-sharing?" My immediate thought was, "Oh oh. What did I write?" Because I very often forget what I write. I remember my Canadian publisher telling me how brave I was, and I wasn't sure why. Then I was slowly and painfully trying to decode a bit of Anielskie Single back into English, and I was, like, "Eeek!"

Oh, well.

5. This was a very awesome visit. I think what made it so awesome is that B.A. was with me for the first week, and I worried less about money. Toronto is an expensive city, and any ride from A to B costs $3. This time I just shrugged and paid the $3. And paid it again. And again. And again.

Also I visited the CR and my old theology school and Catholic friends and poet friends and hung out with family and read Agatha Christie's short stories and ate Jewish food three times and Polish food three times. Both my sisters made brownies. I got to see every member of my family at least twice. I got to meet a friend's new baby and have learned conversations with her first one about Batman and Catwoman. I met blog readers and I met CR readers. I had a pedicure and a manicure--a gel manicure, so it should actually survive my trip home.  I piled all my books into a cube of boxes measuring 3 cubic feet and called the movers. I went to one Mass in the Ordinary Form and two Masses in the Extraordinary Form. I wrote a short Polish composition in which a reader discovered only one inadvertent obscene remark.

There was a lot of snow. I enjoyed the snow very much. But my boots are finished, so I threw them out and hope very much there is no snow in Central Belt Scotland. And now my flight is being announced.



Woodbine said...

Wackadoodle? Now I'm intrigued! But as long as they putt your columns next to MC's, you can't look too bonkers.

I'm flattered to be credited for most interesting comment. It wasn't anything specific I was referring to, just putting oneself out there in general. I knew a guy who was briefly in the seminary (apparently I've crossed paths with a few seminarians) who wrote an excellent and thoughtful blog while he was there. He was very open about his doubts, temptations, and trials, which I thought was gutsy. After the fact though, he admitted that it was a mistake to put so much of his life on the internet. His circumstances are different from yours, but I guess I had that example at the back of my mind when I asked.

Hope your flight was good and the Scottish weather is warmer than TO! I hear they have sunlight again.

Sarah said...

I am also traveling and taking advantage of the free wifi to get me through the five boring hours between Prague, where I spent the past three days and Munich.

And also, today is my birthday! We're not doing much today though, as it's a weekday in Lent and most of my friends are busy. So we're postponing a modest celebration with my mom and German family to this Sunday.

Sounds like you had a great trip, Seraphic! Safe travels.

Seraphic said...

@Woodbine: Oh yes! Seminarians need very much to be careful about that sort of thing. It's great if they use writing to really get to the heart of their seminary journey, but it's imprudent to put it online. I imagine it would be a bit like a guy who is dating or engaged to a girl writing out all nitty-gritty of their relationship--his doubts, temptations, etc--even though there was a strong chance her dad was reading it.