Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Heartfelt Thanks to the Poppets

Thanks to the donations of 21 loyal readers (and the prayers of others), my worries over our Canadian trip expenses have (so far) been halved. What a relief! Thank you all so much.

You know I pray for all readers (especially Single readers) at Sunday Mass, but this month I will be privately naming my benefactors, as Father Z does. But here are your initials so I can personally thank you right now:

CD, JG, SM, EF, AP, CF, JL, ER, AR, TC, MB, JD, MJ, CR, MR, SD, MH, ER, KP, MP and CH.

I must state for the record that among my benefactors are two members of the Stronger Sex, and as you know I but rarely allow men to comment these days, that shows a particularly generous and forgiving attitude!

Update (Tues evening): More donations and more thanks! I'll post the new initials in the morning.


kozz said...

I had some trouble with the paypal payment. The credit card payment portion keeps forcing me to indicate a province in Canada. I wonder why, especially since I'm not from there. Anyone know what I should enter?

lauren said...

kozz, there should be a drop-down at the top where you can select a country... Canada is the default.

kozz said...

Lauren, Thanks. I tried again, it seemed to work this time.

Seraphic said...

Thanks, Kozz and Lauren!

"Bless them all," says B.A.

Jackie said...

Hi Seraphic!

May I respectfully suggest keeping The Tip Jar up, and perhaps removing the "Emergency" from it?

I have seen the practice on many, many well-trafficked and well-respected blogs. It's nice for both writers and audience to have a tangible means of acknowledgement, I think.

Also: How about a pre-order Amazon button on the sidebar for your next book? Maybe people could buy them as Easter presents?

I bought your first book and will buy Ceremony of Innocence, too. Honestly, Catholic writers don't get tons of (mainstream) press. So any awareness is great!

Otherwise I have to roll the dice on Amazon.com's "Customers who bought this book also chose..." Some of it is super sketch or has no possible commonalities! :-/

Have a great trip to Canada, Seraphic & BA!

Seraphic said...

I'm waiting for the green light from Ignatius before advertising the new book!