Friday, 15 February 2013

Cut-Price Chocolate Day!


I shall tell you what I did on Valentine's Day, I, the married woman. I woke up to an email from my husband saying he had arrived alive at the Historical House, so I was happy about that. Then I blogged. Then I sailed out to see a married friend and she took me out for lunch, a pedicure and a walk in one of my favourite Toronto neighbourhoods while she assembled ingredients for a great Valentine's Day feast for her husband. Then I rushed off to Starbucks to meet a reader, and she told me a beautiful story, and then I went home to my parents. To my delight, my youngest sister had made chocolate brownies. Apparently the batter was in a heart shape when she put it in the oven, but it didn't come out in a heart shape. (An idea for next year's Christmas present emerges. Ooh! Those must be on sale today, too!)

I felt a bit guilty as I watched my friend plot out a glorious Valentine's Day feast for her husband. It has never occurred to me to make a glorious Valentine's Day feast for my husband because I think of Valentine's Day as All About the Girls. Fortunately, a few moments' reflection reminded me that he also thinks of it as a girl's day and, in fact, he prefers to do the cooking.  Therefore, there was no reason to feel guilty.

How did Operation Valentinus go?

Update: Sudden revelation, thanks to the Valentine's Day Bandit (see combox). The way Christians can take back Valentine's Day is to make Valentine's Day not about "romantic love" but about making sure others--not just a sweetheart or spouse--feel loved and/or cherished.

I realize that is what I have been getting at with Operation Valentinus, but I never put it into words. If we all make Valentine's Day about anyone (or everyone) we are fond of, then there is absolutely no reason to get in a chippy anti-Valentine's Day mood every year. And we'd still be buying stuff, so this won't threaten the powers that rule the card-chocolate-rose-sparkly heart industries. ;-)

Personally I love cards, chocolates, roses and sparkly hearts.

By the way, can I get a report on picketing "The V-- Monologues"?


Valentine's Day Bandit said...

I went to the dollar store and spent $30 on sparkly, shiny red, white and pink things. Then I went to both my grandparents' houses and snuck around putting up hearts absolutely everywhere. They loved it and were so please. My widowed grandmother who lives alone has declared she wants to keep up the decorations forever because she loves waking up and feeling she is loved. I myself got lots of paper doily construction paper love from my students, so I was pretty happy too.

Seraphic said...

Yay! I love it! Photo of handiwork?

Anonymous said...

Here is the result of Operation Valentinus in my area:

I love Valentines Day. . . always have. . .


JustAnotherCatholicGirl said...

Me and my friends had a marvelous St. Valentines Day! Based upon your suggestions, I orchestrated an evening out to dinner with all my single girl friends. We all dressed up fancy, in various shades of red, high heels and all! Had a very tasty dinner, filled with drinks, laughter, and love. <3 I made up little valentine bags for each of them, containing pink nail polish and festive candies. So glad we planned the outing, it was the best St. Valentines Day ever. :-)

bolyongok said...

Tried to post my activities before but it didn't take... trying again!

I got an awesome Valentine's Day present from the Navy, an early morning helo-ride to somewhere safer with the prospect of Mass the next day! :D
I was really struck by the beauty of the scenery around me. I don't usually think of it as beautiful. But between the height we were traveling at and the way the light was shining at that early hour, I really felt like God had given me an amazing visual valentine!

And then when I got where I was going, my travel plans got moved around again in my favour, so now I'm a little bit closer to finally going home!

At not one moment during the day did I really get upset or think about how I was still 'alone'. It just wasn't a concern at all. Which makes this one of the best Feb 14ths I've had in a long time!

Seraphic said...

Aha! Bolyongok, I knew at least one of you was in the Navy, and it's you!

I'm glad your V-Day was special (in a way that will probably boggle the mind of your fellow readers). Keep safe, and God bless you!