Monday, 29 April 2013

Gentlemen's Day Tomorrow

I just received an email from one of the subjects of this morning's post (not Mike), and he seems mildly aggrieved and misrepresented. And this reminds me that I mean tomorrow to be a Gentlemen's Day. For one thing, it is the birthday of a man whom I consider to be a great a success with women, as he has a wife, daughter, mother and sisters who love him and a few female friends who are greatly fond of him. So in honour of this fine gentleman, tomorrow (April 30) is Gentlemen's Day.

Ladies, today you may send in your questions for the gents, and tomorrow the gents may answer them and leave fresh questions and comments of their own. I expect these gentlemen to be regular readers who simply cannot tear themselves away from my deathless prose despite the pink, girliness of my blog, not imports from the super-trad message boards you girls seem to like.

Gents, if you have a particular subject topic you would like me to address, send it on in via email, and I may address it tomorrow morning.

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Nzie (theRosyGardener) said...

can we submit here?... if yes:

1. Are there certain things that make you think a girl you might otherwise be interested in wouldn't be interested in you?
I'm asking because my mom suggested, and I think she's right, that I often put myself in a sister-like role and short-circuit dating possibilities. I think it's a combination of the fact that I'm very used to being big sisterly, and I'm a bit nervous/shy. So if there are behaviors that give off that impression, I'd like to know so I can pay attention to my own behavior (and hopefully stop turning into everyone's sister). :-)

What do you consider evidence of approachability of a woman for date-asking purposes? Do these matter less the stronger you're attracted to someone?

Do you feel like adding in the shared faith element makes people less interesting than they normally are when they meet outside religious dating contexts?
(Context/Explanation: It seems to me people think because they share faith and values, they *have* to discuss it, show how well read or devout they are, etc... is that something you've experienced? is there a "good way" to do it?)

What are you most worried about girls judging you based on? Looks? Money? Job/car/etc.?