Saturday, 6 April 2013

Random Economic Activity

Cherubs, I have nothing about Single Life today. Zip. Mostly all I can think about is whether or not my beauty therapist made me look the teeniest bit like Groucho Marx yesterday by not making my eyebrows thin enough or by dying them maybe a leetle too dark a brown. But I can distract myself from this horrible thought by staring at my bee-oo-tee-ful pink fingernails. Yesterday was beauty shop day, and I enjoyed it.

Today B.A. and I toddled up and down Edinburgh's Nicholson street and environs looking for bargains. We bought the following:

computer monitor cleaning wipes (I)
a bottle of white wine (B.A.)
a box of "Tension Tamer" tea (I)
Roger Scruton's I Drink Therefore I Am (B.A.)
new heels on my best boots (I)
a chicken pastry from Gregg's (B.A.)
Two Fat Ladies: The Cookbook (B.A. & I)
lunch at "Black Medicine" (B.A. & I)

I almost bought a lot of stuff, but didn't. For example, there was a lovely dark green, brand new wool-cashmere blend overcoat in a charity shop for £12, but when I put it on, I thought it looked--and I looked--too military, as in World War 2 military.  Sort of stern and war-weary.  I want something nipped in at the waist from now on. I'm tired of all the up-and-down-ness of too many winter coats, you know?

In Blackwell's book shop, where B.A. didn't want to go, lest he weaken and buy full-price books (which he did), I searched high and low for a book specializing in mastering language acquisition, but couldn't find one. The study guides were all about math and writing essays.

Now that I am home I have been looking at shoes online.That's the kind of Saturday it is.


c'est la vie said...

If you're looking for questions re the single life to inspire future articles, here's one: is it ever a good idea for girls to do flamboyant and outrageous things in order to attract male attention? Or does it fall into the category of archness a la Elizabeth Bennet and therefore to be eschewed? or worse, into the Hunting school of thought?

Seraphic said...

Well, I have my flamboyant and outrageous moments myself. I suppose it depends on what the flamboyance and outrageousness consists of. If it consists of organizing a Holly Golightly flashmob of all your friends, where you all dress up as Holly Golightly and take photos of each other outside Tiffany's, that's really cool. If it means becoming a keen bellydancer, that's cool, too. Making the world's biggest cake--all good.

However, if it involves wearing really skimpy clothing, like a bikini, or pulling really dangerous stunts with a moving vehicle, or even dancing the can-can on the bar, then I'd have to say "Bad idea." Anything that makes a girl look like a floozie or a drunk is seriously not good.

Christine Rebecca said...

Any comments on this article?

Woodbine said...

Nicholson Street! I only went to Black Magic once, but made it into Gregg's and Blackwell's more than a few times. Did go to Armstong's? Edinburgh is blessed with really good vintage shops... and architecture. Now I'm reminiscing.

Sheila said...

You should write a post on discovering your personal style. I'm serious. How you dress is a signal you send about yourself, and I think it could be a very good way to let men know (on a subliminal level of course, it's not like most of them consciously notice) what kind of person you are. But how can you send the right signal when you are still wearing your sister's handmedowns/nothing but jeans ever/clothes your mother bought you because she thought you were a fashion felon?

Or am I the only one with those kinds of problems?

thepinkeminence said...

Oh, ideas for future posts! How to tell if you should be a serious single rather than a searching single, and when to make that transition? Ways to break a pattern of negative and abusive relationships? How to do your hair efficiently in the morning? (this one is separate from the others) :)

Seraphic said...

Christine, I think early marriage to Mr Right is great, IF YOU HAVE FOUND HIM & THIS IS HIS IDEA TOO. Also if you're mature and deeply committed (being church-goers no doubt helps them) and expect bumps along the road.

But the question "What are you waiting for?"--probably the sub-editor's, not the author's--makes absolutely no sense to all the under-25s with no boyfriends champing at the bit to get married.

Meanwhile, I bet you any money this couple wasn't sleeping together before they got married. There's nothing like "I won't unless I'm married" to hurry up a deeply-smitten guy. (A non-deeply smitten guy will bully, sulk and/or dump.)

Seraphic said...

Sheila, I love the personal style idea. Mine came about generally through lack of money and Mum's collection of 1960s clothing, which I wore throughout the 1980s and even 1990s. More later!

AveLady said...

Ooh, I second the personal style idea! I wore baggy clothes throughout college - not even out of a sense of modesty, just because they were comfortable or something. And nothing but earth tones. And that was after a childhood (including most of high school) of wearing floral-print shirts tucked into jeans, with big sneakers. *sigh*

Finally discovered some things that are at least flattering and cute, but still struggling with the whole "style" thing. I'd definitely love some pointers.

healthily sanguine said...

I might be too proud to admit I need real help with my personal style, but I do dress in very random ways. People have commented that they don't recognize me from one time seeing me, and I suspect it is because I constantly change; my style is not set at all. Is that bad?

Nzie (theRosyGardener) said...

healthily sanguine, if you notice that you get big compliments when you dress a particular way, it's probably a sign that the other styles aren't considered as flattering. I noticed after meeting me the first time in total hippy clothes (like, very very flower child and I never did manage to get them to stop smelling like incense), the priest at the parish my parents switched to when I was in college always seemed pleasantly surprised when I showed up looking nice, haha. But I don't see that it's bad to switch it up, even a lot, except that you sound like you want a more definite style. :-)

Seraphic, I love Tension Tamer tea! In fact, I desperately need some - exams are coming up fast. :-O