Monday, 31 May 2010

Help Seraphic Week

My dear little Singles, if any of you have been loving my biweekly column at my Canadian Catholic paper, this would be a good week to send a little email to tell the editor that you like it, and how refreshing to read a column geared to intelligent, orthodox Catholics your age, etc., etc. If you are not a Catholic, but an actual, real live, non-Catholic who likes my biweekly column, say that. My detractors would be in AWE, since I am so, like, you know, conservative and stuff.

Send your love notes to and, incidentally, use my real name. Thanks!

Update: And in other news, it has finally come home to me how little I still make from writing. (No royalties until January, for example.) So behold, resurrected, the tip jar.

Update 2: Thank you to the kindly Irish contributor who sent along $40!


healthily sanguine said...

Speaking of writing, thought you might appreciate this link. :)

Vox Cantoris said...

I'd write but I think any association with me would probably work against you!

Kate P said...

I sent an e-mail! Even though I'm Catholic, I made it a point to say I'm an American Catholic. I also mentioned how much nicer your newpaper's online content is than what we get from my archdiocesan paper (which I am convinced is written for the much older Catholics so why would they need online stuff?).

Seraphic said...

HS, alas, my linking abilities are greatly curtailed until I get my own computer.

Vox, I am sure this will not always be the case! Eventually you will be seen as a sort of liturgical prophet.

Kate P, thank you very much! Good call mentioning that you are American because people like to see that the CR is read abroad.