Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Random Snippets of Advice to 20-Somethings

1. Tanning is stupid.

2. Wear sunscreen and sunglasses.

3. You're not a prude; s/he is a jerk.

4. It's not "a hang-up"; it's known as "natural modesty."

5. Christian doctrine is right on all that sex stuff. It can seem like SUCH a drag, but it turns out to be true. Make sure you know what it really is (hint: not necessarily what The New York Times says it is), and remember that God loves you, no matter who you are.

6. Truth is what is.

7. You don't have to finish a drink just because someone (including you) bought it for you.

8. Sunscreen: wear it.

9. Smoking: extremely dumb and gives you premature wrinkles.

10. It's harder to learn stuff as you age, so study and learn languages NOW.

11. Even though one distant day you'll be too old to have babies, you'll never be too old to fall in love and get married.

12. Sunscreen. I'm serious. Thirty-somethings don't envy you your emotional turmoil, but we do envy you your beautiful skin. Sigh.


M Lefty said...

My foundation and moisturizer have the sunscreen, because I like to multi task. :p

Though, I'm really glad I'm not the only person who thinks tanning is gross.

I once was dragged to a beach, my sunscreen wore out, and I got the worst 2nd degree burns ever. It was nasty.

To know that people willingly bake themselves grosses me out.

I'm pale and proud of it.

Kate P said...

AMEN to the sunscreen advisory! Take my word for it. I was asked for ID at a casino in December. And I was with my 60-something parents at the time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for saying #11.

- Gingersnap

some guy on the street said...

Hats are also good against the Sun.

aussie girl in australia said...

I just realised, is this supposed to reference The Sunscreen Song?

Anonymous said...

I'm flattered you checked out my blog! Your book is helping me understand I'm not alone in this even when I feel like I am. So really, thank you!

(For some reason I couldn't publish the comment with my Google account, so I sign this...

Yours Truly,

Liesel said...

As I struggle to learn German at age 34, I can vouch that no. 10 is spot on! And wish I had learnt no. 7 much sooner...(about finishing that drink). If I can add..just because the booze is free you don't have to drink every last drop in the place! This particularly applies to weddings and office parties.

theobromophile said...

I've been anti-sun for about half of my life (not my adult life... half my life!) and am always happy when people ask me if I'm in college.

Also: eat your fruit. Eat a LOT of avocados. They do amazing things for your skin - even in your 30s. I once met a woman whose skin was flawless, glowing, and without a hint of a wrinkle - and she's in her mid-30s. She credits that with sunscreen, 2 avocados a week, and yoga (specifically, standing on her head for a few minutes a day).

12. Sunscreen. I'm serious. Thirty-somethings don't envy you your emotional turmoil, but we do envy you your beautiful skin. Sigh.
If given the choice between the two, most sane people would choose the stability and contentment, not the nice skin. :p

The Sojourner said...

I didn't quite catch what you said about the sunscreen. :)

(Actually, this might be my biggest failing, because I am lazy, which is not a good idea considering my German-Irish skin genes.)

Also, I will note that this is the decade to learn Classical Greek. *files away*