Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Humanity

A newspaper has turned down an article about Seraphic Singles because--hold onto your hats--I got married.

This is exactly the kind of thing I worried might happen. Of course, when you're in love, you don't really think, "Oh wait. If I get married now, this will louse up publicity for my book."

Anyway, if you are feeling discriminated against for being Single, just imagine being discriminated against later because you are no longer Single. If you didn't think that kind of thing happened anymore, guess again!

Meanwhile, although Sr. Joan Chittister is so far outselling my book, someone in the know says I am gaining on her. This is very pleasant news for Sr. Joan has written dozens of books and is very popular. So help me defeat the forces of discrimination and also beat the popular Sr. Joan's sales by buying your copy of Seraphic Singles today!

(If you have already bought your copy, I think you and urge you to go to or to write your review!)

Update: First review for The Closet's All Mine (the American version of Seraphic Singles), and I love it! Great thanks to M.A. Hodge. Meanwhile, I am also loving the shoes on the cover.


Julie said...

Ironically, if your book were a conventional "how to snag a man" type of thing, your being married would be an asset! :)

Catholic Bibliophagist said...

Liguori's American edition in now up on Amazon (though they don't actually have it to ship yet).

Seraphic said...

Thank you very much! I had a look, and it looks good!

some guy on the street said...

Alas, I've discovered that, as I haven't ever bought anything through Amazon, they won't let me review anything Amazon; and I can't buy anything through Amazon as I can't seem to get credit so far.

(There was an odd exception that would allow me credit to limit X$ if I send them a deposit of X$... it seemed rather small as a credit limit, and yet large as a deposit... :P what can we do?)

some guy on the street said...

A newspaper has turned down an article about Seraphic Singles because--hold onto your hats--I got married.

did I mention some people are too gloopy for words?

Dominic Mary said...

Although I appreciate the commercial aspect, do you really want to be liked by people who think that Joan Chittister is a good thing ?

Kate P said...

I made it a point to get the "original" and am almost finished it (have been reading a few pages before bed each night). For some reason, this American isn't crazy about the "American" title. Perhaps I have been corrupted by popular culture. . . and probably the fact that I am in the Philadelphia area.

theobromophile said...

[Nose wrinkle] to the new title and Amazon's description of it:
This humorous narrative reveals the thoughts, advice, and fractured social life of a serious young Catholic woman who--no matter what--is determined to remain true to the Church's moral teachings.
Um, I have to buy the book, so maybe it's accurate, but that makes it sound like you're dying for sex, sex, and more sex, but will (somehow!) manage to save your body for marriage, despite the uber-hotties propositioning you.

I thought the point more was that the Catholic faith helped you to be a happy Single, rather than put you at odds with being 30-something and unmarried.

Seraphic said...

That's DEFINITELY not what it's about! It is about being a happy Single, and how the Catholic faith supports you in that. Non-Catholics enjoy it too.