Friday, 18 February 2011

Attention, Beloved Poles

Dear Polish Readers,

I have good news to share from one of your number. She wrote to Homo Dei here to respectfully ask when they were releasing the Polish edition of Seraphic Singles. The priest in charge sent her a very nice message to say that it is coming out in May or June of this year. He was surprised and delighted that someone was enquiring after a book that wasn't even out yet.

Now she suggests that you ask to get on their mailing list so that you can be among the first to order your Polish-language edition of my bee-oo-ti-ful book.

Some of you have been asking about this book, so I am happy to share the news. I am also very happy to have your support, and I am starting to think that it would be nice to go to Poland this summer. It is not difficult to fly from Scotland to Poland; it is one of the most popular routes!

Thanks for your interest and support!



Urszula said...

I strongly encourage you to write in, the priest in charge was very nice and I'm sure a few more words of support for the book will help!

Also, I suggest using the email address under the link instead of the actual contact form. I never got a reply when using the contact form but did immediately using the email address.

Seraphic said...

Thank you, Urszula!

berenike said...

Good grief! So long still to wait? I have people who NEEEEEEEEEEEEEED this book!

Seraphic said...

Email the lovely Fr. G to tell him! Meanwhile, I think I will start looking at a teach yourself Polish book and torment the beautiful young Poles of my parish by chasing them around practising my Polish on them.