Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day to All My Little Singles

Poppets, I am back from Notre Dame, and I have to write an article for one of my papers like, right NOW. But Happy Valentine's Day from me to you, and I will return soon to tell you all about my amazing adventures in Indiana. Notre Dame rocks; it really does.

And although you are all the poppets, I have to send a special Valentine's Day greeting to Holly, who was assigned by the Edith Stein committee to take care of me. Having a P.A. (I quickly decided Holly was my P.A.) is very awesome, especially if she is as thoughtful as Holly. I spent the weekend either exhausted from sleep deprivation or completely wired on coffee, and the fact that I nevertheless had a great time, delivered my speech well and got back to Toronto a-live has a lot to do with Holly. Listen, she even figured out how to get in touch with me when I was in South Bend airport without a phone and my dad had called her to tell her my flight from Chicago was cancelled. Brilliant!

Okay, more soon. You do something nice for yourselves and for another Single girl today, if you are a girl or her brother or dad.


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Auntie!!

Jasmina said...

thanks :) Happy Valentine's day to you too seraphic and to all the other readers of your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for coming to Notre Dame! We really enjoyed your talk. I also wanted to let you know that Operation Valentinus was a success around here. (The Dining Hall chocolate fountain definitely helped.)