Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Half an Hour on Irish Radio

How exciting! My voice is going to Ireland. I want to go to Ireland, land of my father's father's (and his mother's mother's) ancestors, but it looks like my voice is going first. I've been asked to speak tomorrow morning (Friday, February 25) on Spirit Radio about the Single Life, my blog and my book.

Here are the frequencies for Ireland (and everyone else can listen online if you're up at 10-10:30 AM GMT). The host's name is Ronan Johnston.

Dublin 89.9
Galway 91.7
Limerick 89.8
Cork 90.9
Waterford 90.1

Anyone anywhere in the world can catch it on

Is that not awesome? It is awesome for me.

The photo is by Maggie, who saw my American book at the "Feminine Genius" conference in Appleton, WI when many of you Notre Dame and other South Bend readers (and some intrepid readers from elsewhere!) and I were at Edith Stein. Don't forget that you can buy Seraphic Singles (British Commonwealth and Ireland) or The Closet's All Mine (USA) by clicking on the book covers to the right-->. Thanks to those who have bought it already, and special thanks to the fantastic five who revealed that they have bought more than one!

P.S. Here's a review of my Notre Dame lecture in The Irish Rover. Thanks, Adriana! My surname (since 2009) actually is Cummings McLean, but that is okay. Everybody in Edinburgh calls me McLean.

One of the perks of Single Life is that there is no name confusion. Yeah, you might think it would be fun to play around with your name, having a "professional" name and a "social" name, and being Dr. Smith here, and Mrs. Jones there, and Dr. Smith Jones on your bank account, but actually it is a major headache. But what could I doooo? I wrote as Cummings, and then I married a rather traddy man named McLean, whose name I am proud to bear because he is fabulous and the name is euphonious. So there you go. I have two last names and no hyphen. I hate hyphens.

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