Monday, 7 February 2011

A Seraphic Valentine's Day Prez

I see a number of you have pledged to bring chocolate and valentiny joy into the lives of your Single friends next Monday, which is the dreaded Feb 1-4. Marvellous! Tomorrow I will pop down to the post office myself. Meanwhile, I have been musing over Seraphic Singles/The Closet's All Mine as a Valentine's Day gift.

What do you think? Is SS/TCAM a good Valentine's Day gift? For Singles, I mean. Maybe not so much as a romantic present from a guy to his wife or girlfriend. Eeek.

Personally, I think it is a good gift, especially if it comes from another Single girl who has read it and loves it. I wrote it when I was Single, and it is all about Single life from a Catholic perspective. It's not about how to get married because--really--I did not have a clue and, besides, my attitude is the best thing to do re: marriage is be a happy, friendly, confident person who meets a lot of people of both sexes and all ages and leave it up to God. As yet I have not worked out how to turn that into a 200 page book. How many pages do you think this blog comes out to, though, eh?

Anyway, the thing about Valentine's Day is that it is so depressing to be Single on Valentine's Day--even Single with a boyfriend if his idea of a romantic dinner/gift/card does not jive with your own--that finding joy in the Single Life, finding joy in the here and now, becomes more important than ever. So consider giving a Single pal Seraphic Singles or The Closet's All Mine or, if you lack disposible income, lending her your copy.

Meanwhile, it occurs to me that The Closet's All Mine would make a great book club book. My Canadian publisher--I saw him today and he fed me lunch and statistics--tells me that everyone of every age and marital status to whom he gives the book loves it. I'm definitely thinking book club.

Once again, you can get the Canadian version either straight from the publisher here or from, and the American version from the publisher here or from, or the nice people who run your local Catholic bookstore. Today I bought a copy of Seraphic Singles from Crux Books and was delighted to find it in the "Literature" section. It was next to Dante's Inferno. <:-D

The girl in the photo is reader Jen, who found The Closet's All Mine for sale at a young adult retreat in Florida! If you find my book in a store or at a retreat, feel free to send a photo of yourself with the book to me!

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