Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Teeny-Weeny Rejection

Sigh. As long-time readers know, I show solidarity with Singles, who face a lot of rejection ("It's not you; it's me"), by sharing my rejection letters.

I just got a rejection letter.

As rejection letters go, it was really a nice one. In fact, it could be summed up as, "It's not your story; it's our form of media, and I'm sure it'll be snapped up soon!" The editor said she really enjoyed it, and since she is an amazingly talented writer, I felt rather pleased.

The rejection part still made me sigh, though. Ay, me. That bit's never easy.

Off I go to look in the British Writer's Guide. The great law of writing is that you never, ever give up. If you give up, you never get paid.

Update (Feb 2): I'm sending out two submissions today.


Lisa said...

I have such a hard time with that "never ever give up" part. Good for you for lifting your head up and facing the rejection head on! I wish I was as courageous.

Kate P said...

Bummer about the rejection letter, although that compliment does sound pretty cool. Definitely don't give up!