Monday, 1 August 2011

Happy 23rd, Meaghan M!

Birthday greetings to Meaghan from me, Seraphic. Happy birthday!

Meaghan has friends in high places, including my prom date! Not every woman keeps in touch with her prom date, but I continue to be vastly fond of mine. If he says,"Wish Meaghan a happy birthday on your blog!", I ask "Which blog?"

I think he meant this blog.

I hope Meaghan gets more for her birthday than a bloggy greeting card! Maybe a raise?


Meaghen said...

Dear Auntie Seraphic,

I think this post is for me! It's taken me a day to comment because (if you can believe) I couldn't believe it was for me. But apparently my sister knows someone who was once your prom date and arranged the shout out as a birthday gift. And I love it! Thank you ever so much!


MaryT said...

I can vouch for Meaghen being totally thrilled. I was with her on her birthday, and she definitely danced with excitement ;)

Meaghen said...

P.S. (Thank you, Shannon!)

Seraphic said...

It says Meaghan M instead of Meagahn H due to someone's palm pilot being impossible to edit! I hope you had a very good day.