Thursday, 18 August 2011

Home Tomorrow, Poland in October

Tomorrow I go home to lovely, misty, rainy, Gothic Edinburgh. Hooray! I must say I like being in lovely, sunny, hot, Baroque [town in Lazio], too. However, being married, I'd like to go back to my Principal Vocation now.

As much as I love Singles, Singles must make way for Mr Principal McVocation.

This reminds me that I offered to go to Poland in October, and the marketing man has said, "Yes, please. Early October?" So now I have to look up cheap flights to Poland and find a Polish phrasebook. I'll be off to see the Polish Singles!

I fear I have very little chance of mastering even the basics of a Slavic language this late in life. Today I had a lovely shop in Rome that was incredibly satisfying because I just said what I wanted in Italian (e.g. a particular thing I hadn't yet found, to look at something in the case behind the glass, you to please move), and I got it. I'm going to hold onto that thrill, for in Poland I will be entirely at the mercy of nice people who speak a little English.


La Chanteuse said...

I know it's not at ALL the same thing, but I sang a song set in Polish this past year for my recital, and once you get the hang of it, it's not too hard. The pronunciation is straightforward once you get over the diaretical marks, at least! Good luck!

Notburga said...

I went to Poland once, and needed change for some reason or other. In I went to a coffee shop, only realizing when I opened my mouth that I had no clue how to express my wish (In Italy or Spain, I usually just mix my scraps of French and Latin, pronouncing it in what I think is an Italian or Spanish way, and muddle through.) I ended up holding up my banknote, making a scissors movement with my fingers and looking imploringly. It worked, but it was sufficiently traumatizing that I bought myself a mini booklet on Polish for my next trip.
Mind you, I am going to China in the end of October. Even simple word recognition (a, 'Iglexa' seems to mean 'church' is off there...)

Nzie (theRosyGardener) said...

If you're going to a major city in Poland, there are many people who speak atleast some English. First off, kids are largely studying it these days, and second off, lots of Polish people have worked in the British Isles. And won't the book people take care of you? Polish hospitality in my experience is quite nice. :) Have a good trip home and a nice trip to Poland as well!

berenike said...



Kraków szmaków, come to Warsaw!

U2Goana said...

hello! I am sorry I did not read these days' posts...I live in Rome and would have loved to meet you! next time, I would like to invite you for a cool "spremuta" drink...take care,

Urszula said...

So glad you will be going to Poland! Unfortunately I will not be there myself in October but I will spread the word so please keep details coming :)

And don't worry about not speaking Polish, you will get by fine with English, especially if you address the younger generation. Poles are generally friendly and hospitable (I'm not being biased here, I promise!) and if you speak in English but start off with a few basic words in Polish, you will already have captured their hearts :)

Polish girl said...

Don't worry, Seraphic. :)
Almost every young people in Poland should know English. Escpecially in big cities such as Warsaw or Cracow.

And if you wish to learn some of Polish, have a look here:

Good luck!

Seraphic said...

Thank you! I am planning to be in Krakow, Warsaw and maybe Wroclaw. These three cities form a kind of triangle. I will put up more information on my trip to Poland when I get it.