Monday, 22 August 2011

Italian and Polish Dates

Goodness me, it turns out I have Italian readers as well as Polish readers. Therefore, it is only fair that I reveal on this blog when I go to Italy as well as to Poland, in case anyone wants to buy me something to eat before asking my opinion on something.

Therefore, people should know that I will be in Rome from September 25 to October 2. However, I am not sure how much time I will have for meeting readers, as these dates represents my husband's one-and-only annual holiday abroad.

My big Anielski Single trip, however, is all for readers. I have just bought my tickets, and so I can tell you that I will be in Poland from the night of October 4 to the night of October 8. I think I will be in Krakow on the Wednesday and the Saturday and in Warsaw on the Thursday and the Friday, but I am not sure yet. I might also go to Wroclaw and environs because I have wanted to see the Lower Silesia province for years.

However, I have to see what my publisher would like me to do. I believe I will be on Krakow and Warsaw radio, which should certainly be an interesting experience for both Poland and me since I speak absolutely no Polish whatsoever. However, many people in Poland--especially university students--speak English, so I am sure that will be okay.


berenike said...

My as-yet unconfirmed suspicion is that you have a Romanian reader in Rome ... :D If she's who I think she is, BA's holiday will be enhanced by meeting up with her for drinks.

Seraphic said...

Hmm. I do not think I like the sound of that. Will it enhance my vacation do you think? Huh? Huh?

berenike said...

I assume you take it for granted that meeting your readers ALWAYS enhances WHATEVER it is you are doing when you mee them :D

berenike said...

Oh, and I was right!

Seraphic Spouse said...

What were you right about?

The way you worded your hint about the Romanian readers made it sound as if she were a fantastic beauty that BA (in particular) would enjoy meeting.

Of course, I could just be paranoid.

berenike said...

I was right about the identity of your Roman reader!

U2Goana said...

My dear Berenike (nice ID and love the sketched portrait, too) and dear S. Spouse, thanks for the comments..

well, let me make some illuminating remarks ;) first, I am no beauty (elas!)... so no danger for anyone ;) even if I were, I love couples to stay couples, so no danger in that hypothetical situation either!

... I would truly love to meet the Seraphic couple when they come to Rome ! ;)
I teach at the JPII Institute in Rome, so you might want to come there to see it...or just a simple coffee or gelato.

but, I also want you to feel very free and enjoy your holidays and, if you don't feel like meeting people you don't know yet, it's fine...maybe some other time when you are in Rome, ok? no worries. cheers!

Anonymous said...

Dear Seraphic Spouse and Werenike, thanks for all the ....incriminating comments! ;) let me shed some light: elas, no beauty, no danger :)
even if I were, I strangely like couples to stay couples and love to meet good Catholic ones... ;)

it's great that you come to Rome, but I would understand perfectly if you preferred to spend your time in Rome by yourselves...

but if you do find a free moment, I will be happy to show you around the JPII Institute where I teach...or will just have a nice gelato at some gelateria in Rome....they are all fantastic!

ciao, ragazze

Seraphic said...

U2Goanna, we'd be delighted to meet you and have a tour of the JPII Institute! Send me an email, and we will make an appointment in our book!